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Saturday, 7 May 2011

UKIP: Election Night Disaster

"I think UKIP is a party that is really on the up, now that we have got the positive bit between our teeth, we are really going to go places. There are now four parties in politics in this country, we have left the Greens and the others way behind."

Nigel Farage talking to the BBC prior to the local elections

And now for a bit of reality...

In Scotland though, the SNP is ripping both Labour and the limpdims apart, which goes to show that, when there is a credible electoral alternative to the lib-lab-con, people will go for it - more out of a sense of curiosity than anything else. That says a great deal for UKIP in England, which under the tutelage of Farage has long ceased to be a credible alternative, and will continue to fail as long as he squanders every opportunity (and most of the money) he gets.

Richard North on UKIP's disastrous election results

Forget all the usual nonsense from Nigel's useful idiots. No amount of spin can hide the fact that UKIP had a terrible election night. The voters rejected UKIP across the country. And even UKIP is at loss how to explain it all away!

Here are a few unpalatable facts for the sycophants:

Yes To AV

Farage campaigned for AV. The voters rejected it by a whopping margin of 69% to 31%. Even UKIPPERS rejected Farage's arguments in droves and voted no.

Northern Ireland Assembly

Six candidates. UKIP got a paltry 0.6% of the vote. So much for the claim made by certain Farage followers and even Farage himself that UKIP would make an impact in Northern Ireland. Indeed, Nigel hoped to win at least two seats on the assembly!

Welsh Assembly

Farage claimed that UKIP was set to win seats on the assembly. They failed. A pathetic 4.6% of the vote. Farage's boast will come back to haunt him!

Scottish Parliament

Another dire result. Ross Durance came last with 530 votes in Inverness and Naine. That's just 1.6% of the vote. He was over 16,000 votes behind the winning SNP candidate.

Donald Gatt did slightly better in Moray with 999 votes but still came last. And he was still over 15,000 votes behind the SNP candidate.

Mike Scott-Hayward in North East Fife came last with 979 votes. The winning SNP candidate was over 10,000 votes in front of him.

UKIP's share of the vote in Scotland was a risible 0.1%. UKIP is a spent force north of the border.

Leicester South By-election

Mr Pandya got a massive 2.9% share of the vote! He was almost 19,000 votes behind the winning Labour candidate! So much for the Farage appointed Head of Policy. Another hammer blow to Farage's leadership.

Leicester Mayoral Election

Ms Anderson's wonderful 'refuse to campaign' strategy certainly worked wonders! She came way behind the winning Labour candidate. Lisa Duffy - who masterminded this farce - must be proud!

Soulsby, Peter (Lab) 46,948

Grant, Ross (Con) 9,688

Moore, Rick (Ind) 7,635

Hunt, Gary (LD) 6,029

Forse, Geoff (Green) 3,452

Patel, Nima (Ind) 3,358

Anderson, Regine (UKIP) 2,195

Newcaster Under Lyme

Another terrible result for what was once one of UKIP's strongest areas. UKIP lost three seats to Labour. UKIP now has just 2 councillors in the borough.

So much for Farage's vain boast that 2011 was going to be UKIP's year! Only 7 UKIPPERS were elected as councillors on May 5th. And remember that there was NO INCREASE in UKIP councillors! And this is after years of Labour, Tory and Lib Dem misrule!

However, we are extremely pleased that Victor Webb has been elected to Tunbridge Wells. He is a leading Farage critic and a man of integrity.

Farage reputation as leader is in tatters following UKIP's terrible election night. He claimed that UKIP would win at least 24 seats in the local elections. They didn't even come close! Farage is leading UKIP into the gutter. The sooner he is replaced the better. We need a leader of honesty, decency and vision. Farage is none of these. His only ambition is to enrich himself at the expense of the taxpayer. Get rid of him or watch UKIP die!

UKIPPERS, ignore the 2011 election results and Richard North's warnings at your peril!

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