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Thursday, 5 May 2011

UKIP: Farage the Puppet Master

Andrew Edwards on Harry Aldridge

Mike Nattrass and Trevor Colman are helping to fund an advert promoting a rival political candidate - that's unacceptable!

Oh really?????

Amazing comment young Harry, tell us, did you write it yourself, or was it written for you by someone else????

Whichever, maybe you aught to remember (and do remind 'Spivboy') that Mike & Trevor are merely promoting the cause of getting us out of the EU.

Something strange about your 'outrage' though:

For I don't recall you getting quite so worked up when Malcolm Pearson went around wearing a Tory rosette, and promoting both Tory and Labour candidates in preference to his own Party during the General Election. Now that was real Tory style treachery in action!

Nor do I recall you being particularly outraged when Derek 'slipperman' Clark signed Ukip up to the EU principal of 'subsidiarity'.

Or when William Legge (also known as the Earl of Dartmouth) called for taxpayer 'guarantees' for the EU investment bank, new EU legislation, development of 'more ambitious EU policies', and the setting up of an EU 'embassy' in Yemen: I don't remember you being particularly outraged about that either?

Harry, isn't it time that you stopped making a fool of yourself by pretending to be speaking for yourself when everyone with an independent mind can see, clear as day, that you're no more than a puppet!


PS: Being a 'team player' does not mean becoming an Amoeba, mindlessly following orders no matter how wrong they become. Besides, when the code of conduct you refer to was drawn up no one had thought that they'd be required to sit alongside anti Semites, et al. Did they?


Greg_L-W. said...


Andrew Edwards eould seem to have overlooked the old addage of 'Give a child the encouragement of a single adult and they will take on the world'.

It is for this reason that UKIP has been hollowed out and its backbone of core supporters and those with expertise and constructive thought have been removed.

The replacements are ALL puppets and muppets with a childish banality in their willingness to swallow the central even a wide eyed wish to.

The rewards are great they may well be patted on the head by their hero and there is a chance of being made to feel important that matters so much to the imature and the inadequate (one need only consider the sad spectacle of Mick McGough or Douglas Denny).

Little Harry's faux temper tantrum was both out of character and clearly out of order but who the hell ever respected a puppet anyway!


John Page said...

Richard North writes today

In Scotland though, the SNP is ripping both Labour and the libdims apart, which goes to show that, when there is a credible electoral alternative to the lib-lab-con, people will go for it. That says a great deal for UKIP in England, which under the tutelage of Farage has long ceased to be a credible alternative, and will continue to be as long as he squanders every opportunity (and most of the money) he gets.