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Monday, 23 May 2011

UKIP: Bits and Bobs

Farage smears Knapman in pathetic press release

It comes as no surprise that the UKIP 'spokesman' used to attack Roger Knapman was too cowardly to name themselves in print. Another classic Farage attempted smear. It may have escaped Farage's attention but Roger Knapman led the party from three MEPs to twelve. And don't forget that UKIP under his leadership saw an increase in membership to well over 30,000.

Under Farage's 'leadership' the membership has collapsed and he has lost the loyalty of at least four MEPs. And don't forget UKIP's recent humilation at the polls. Farage assured members that UKIP would win seats in Northern Ireland and Wales. They didn't. He also promised them at least 21 new English council seats on May 5th. They didn't even come close!

So please spare any nonsense about Farage leading UKIP to ever greater victories!

From Parliament.com

UKIP has angrily dismissed allegations that the party is split over possible plans for a new pan-European party.

The claims were made by Roger Knapman, a former UKIP party leader.

He said he had been recently approached on the issue by several "unhappy" UKIP MEPs.

Knapman, who led the party from 2002 to 2006, said, "It is a disappointment that the party has not capitalised on its past successes and does not seem to be moving forward electorally.

"At the time when UKIP should be pressing for a referendum on our continued membership of the EU, and highlighting the extreme costs of that membership, the party leadership seems besotted with the idea that we should join an unsuitable pan-European grouping that would mean we become part of the problem rather than part of the solution."

Knapman, a former Tory MP and party whip, added, "I hope that the leadership will listen to these MEPs, and to the party membership, and reassess its priorities."

However, a UKIP spokesman rubbished the comments, telling this website, "The fact is that UKIP has improved its position electorally.

"At the recent local elections in the UK, the number of votes for UKIP increased substantially."

He said that UKIP "remains committed" to the UK's withdrawal from the EU, a policy it is able to pursue within the political group it currently occupies in parliament.

He added, "Such comments from a discredited figure like Roger Knapman should be discounted for what they are: complete rubbish."

To read the original: LINK

Derek Clark

A fellow blogger was far from amused with Derek Clark's response to his letter about the recent nuclear disaster in Japan. However, we are not surprised that Clark is not that bothered about it. After all, he was never that bothered about representing his own region and was always far more interested in raking in all those lovely euros and dozing in his office.

Pesky nuclear disasters on the other side of the globe are just not profitable and therefore don't really warrant Derek's interest. Besides, he has far bigger problems at the moment!

I wrote to all 5 of my EMP's (European Member of Parliment) to express my concern, heres what transpired so far.

1st is the letter i wrote.

Dear Derek Clark,

I am writing in a hope that maybe just maybe you will listen, afterall you are suposed to. I am writing with regard to the Japanese Nuclear emergency and the cover up effort being carried out by the worlds main stream media. This accident makes Chernobyl look like a bonfire and the radioactivity being spread around the world is allready at damaging levels according to independant sources. It is blatently obvious that Tepco is fabricating the truth and misleading the world and doesnt really have a clue what they are doing, i am asking for you to call upon the Japanese government to sack Tepco and call in outside help i.e the worlds nuclear experts, especially those who learned from Chernobyl and get this crisis under some kind of control before its too late for everyone. Sorry if this is a little alarming but I am begging you to act and help save our planet, as our elected EMP. I have never written to my government for help before but i feel this warrants such a call. Many thanks for your time

Yours sincerely,>

Heres the 1st reply

Dear mr ********

The Japanese Nuclear Emergency has received the attention of the European Parliament by way of a resolution on the 24th March 2011. This was mainly expressing support for the emergency teams who have been trying to cope with the problem. Among the body of MEP's there are plenty who would have raised the issue along the lines to which you indicate but none have. I am sure that quite a few of them are as well informed as you and they are always ready to raise an issue like this to high prominence. They have not done so. Personally, from all that I have read I must say that there would seem to be no serious cause for alarm. A local disaster which is not going to affect the rest of world to any serious degree. I'm sure if there was a serious danger other MEP's would have got in very quickly and called on the Japanese Government in the way that you suggest.

Yours sincerely

Derek Clark MEP

Now does this seem like a poor response to you?

To read the original: LINK

Winston dreams on!

Just how many times does this man have to lose before he realises that he has about as much chance of becoming UKIP mayor as we have of being invited to Nigel's latest orgy!

From The Voice:

HAVING LOST several election bids, ex-boxer Winston McKenzie embodies the spirit of age-old saying, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again.

The maverick politician has set his eye - again - on running for London's mayoral elections, but wants to run as a UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate in 2012.
"The rumours are true. I am definitely looking to be nominated as a candidate," McKenzie told The Voice.

Having run unsuccessfully in 2008 for a similar post within the Conservative party, he left the Tories and ran as an independent. McKenzie said he was not happy with the “shabby” way he claimed the party treated him as the party put forward current mayor Boris Johnson.

However, McKenzie feels that 2012 could be his year with UKIP.

The south Londoner said he is deeply unhappy with the manner in which current Mayor of London has conducted himself in the role.

McKenzie said his two main gripes with Johnson relate to ‘broken promises,’ citing Johnson’s failure to reach out to the wider community and make the battle against gun and knife crime a priority.

Some critics may question the credibility of a man who has joined all the main political parties, and even once started his own party, since starting out with Labour in the 1980s. But McKenzie says he is a man of the people.

“I go wherever I can get the best deal for the people, particularly the poor and disaffected,” McKenzie said. “I am tired of our black youth in particular becoming disenfranchised by successive underperforming governments.”

To read the original: LINK

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