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Sunday, 1 May 2011

UKIP: Harry Aldridge attacks Mike Nattrass & Trevor Colman

Harry Aldridge - UKIP YI useless member and Farage sycophant - has been indulging in another bit of brown nosing.

This time, he has decided to attack Mike and Trevor for having the audacity to defy Fuhrer Farage by actually working in the interests of their electorate. And what was their crime? Publishing this - along with Nikki Sinclaire - in The Mail.

Harry, of course, has done this on the orders of the Fuhrer. He hasn't the intelligence or the guts to do it on his own. So when Farage is consigned to the dustbin and a new leader takes his place will Harry argue that he was only obeying orders if called to account for his attack on the two MEPs? It reminds us of a similar argument used by the followers of another dictator who came to a sticky end in 1945!

Here is his posting from the YI website:

YI Chairman Criticises Two UKIP MEPs
Posted April 30th, 2011 by Harry Aldridge

As the elected Chairman of Young Independence I feel obliged to condemn the unacceptable actions of two UKIP MEPs. Mike Nattrass and Trevor Colman, by helping to fund an advert promoting a rival political candidate, have let down both themselves and more importantly UKIP members and activists up and down the country.

UKIP MEPs must be team players. They are elected on a Party ticket, the public did not vote for any one individual. It is simply not acceptable for MEPs, with an inflated view of their importance, to wield the power of their positions as if they have a direct individual mandate.

All UKIP European Election Candidates signed and agreed to the MEP Code of Conduct which committed them to “promote UKIP’s objectives as set out in the party constitution and manifestos”, “pool group funds” and “work as a team”. The actions of Trevor Colman and Mike Nattrass directly contravene the code of conduct. The promotion of a rival candidate’s campaign – a campaign that duplicates the efforts of similar non-partisan campaigns that are supported by UKIP - is not productive and nor is it fair on the UKIP activists whose time, money and shoe leather won them their seats.

The public want to see a productive political party that is mature and able to work towards the common cause. This is something I take seriously. Discord is tiresome and off-putting to young members and harms our ability to capitalise on the best levels of public support the party has ever seen.

Members from around the country have expressed their upset and disgust at today’s advert and the actions of these MEPs. It is the branches and activists who feel directly the impact of their decisions.

They are acting as individuals, not as team players. Quite plainly if they seek to continue to work for themselves and not for UKIP’s cause then I sincerely hope that they are deselected as candidates at the next available opportunity.

UKIP needs committed individuals as MEPs who can provide the British public with a united radical opposition that they can support. That is what I and others in YI and the wider Party will continue to work towards.

Harry Aldridge
Chairman, Young Independence

It is interesting to note that Harry 'Brown Nose' Aldridge claims to be YI Chairman. On the official UKIP YI website Micheal Heaver is still listed as such. See: LINK

Little Harry continued to do his master's bidding by posting the following on the UKIP members only forum:

Harry Aldridge
YI Council

Position in UKIP: YI Chairman
UKIP Branch: Horsham
Full Name: Harry Aldridge
Posts: 4048

Re: Advert in tomorrow's Daily Mail
Reply #31 on: April 30, 2011, 05:41:19 PM »

I've published a statement on this as YI Chairman. I'm afraid it needs to be said.

As the elected Chairman of Young Independence I feel obliged to condemn the unacceptable actions of two UKIP MEPs. Mike Nattrass and Trevor Colman, by helping to fund an advert promoting a rival political candidate, have let down both themselves and more importantly UKIP members and activists up and down the country.

End of quote.

Yes, how dare Mike and Trevor act independently of Harry's Glorious Leader! How dare they show the courage to leave the racist EFD group. How dare they use their money without letting Farage get his grubby little hands on it! How dare they seek to provide the public with the facts!

Mr Aldridge obviously places the personal interests of Nigel Farage above those of UKIP or our country.

And we love this line! "UKIP must be team players".

It was Farage who, through the NEC of UKIP forbade Nikki Sinclaire to use the UKIP name. That is why this advert had no UKIP logo on it!

Farage is the one who should learn to become a team player!

It is a great pity that no one has explained to Harry that publicly attacking two of UKIP's MEPs days before important local elections is hardly going to give the voters a good impression of a united party marching forward to a glorious future! But at least it confirms a point made on numerous occasions by GLW, Andrew Edwards and this blog - UKIP is at war with itself. The party is falling apart under a corrupt and inept leadership where sycophancy counts for more than talent.

But at least Harry has scored a few brownie points with Nigel. And who knows where that could lead? A seat on the NEC? Or how about a seat in Brussels where he can continue to tag along behind his master like a dog on a lead!

For more on Mr Aldridge

Also see: LINK


Vindico said...

Oh Junius you flatter me so. My 3rd mention on this reputable site. Do i get a prize?

Gillig said...

The collective genius of Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass & Trevor Colman has come up with the earth shattering, original and proven success of an idea; to ask for a referendum.
They are using taxpayers money.
Taxpayers and voters who voted UKIP.
They are traitors to UKIP .

Greg_L-W. said...


you will be aware of the saying:
'If you give a child the encouragement of an adult they will take on the world'.

You may also be aware of the Military maxim:
'never grant authority without responsibility'.

Perhaps when UKIP gets a leader it would do well to be minded of this.


Greg_L-W. said...


I am unlikely to see Graham Gillis' posting he boasts of on another blog until tomorrow - however I will not be surprised when he drags UKIP into the gutter he inhabits with his foul language and obvious lack of basic knowledge of UKIP, electoral law, The EU and even such simple concepts as right and wrong.

There is absolutely no justification for supporting Racism, anti Judaism, violent anti homosexuality and various other childish irresponsibility whether as Graham Gillis or as Harry Aldridge - both bring shame on UKIP with their behaviour.

That THEY may espouse Reform of The EU with their EFD colleagues IS their perogative but with campaigning experience against EU membership which pre dates UKIP I for one believe UKIP MEPs with any integrity will realise the ONLY reason they were elected was to lead Britain OUT of The EU.

Only the dellusional with no understanding of politics believe UKIP is taken seriously in domestic politics for its policies and views on other matters.

Hence less than 20 people have been elected from UKIP to dometic politics out of 19,500 available seats!


Junius said...

Gillig, the real traitors are those who support the lies and dishonesty of Farage and his sycophants. So are you happy that Farage sits with fascists in the EFD group? And what about his plans to betray the membership by turning UKIP into a pan-Eurpean party?

Nikki, Trevor and Mike have done more to promote the euro-realist cause in the last few months than Farage has done in ten years. Farage is only in it for the money. He now even has his mistress - Annabelle Fuller - on the UKIP payroll as his 'assistant'!

Junius said...

Vindico - aka little Harry - just does what his master Farage tells him. Another sycophant without two brain cells to rub together and one is more than happy to ignore corruption in order to please his Fuhrer.

So how does the little lad feel about those UKIPPERS who are disgusted with his attacks on Mike and Trevor?

Contact Nigel and ask him what reply you can offer.