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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

UKIP: The NEC meeting

The recent NEC meeting was somewhat farcical, with insufficient members present to allow any decisions to be taken, and various folk turning up late.

One of the latecomers was UKIP's resident fork-lift truck driver, Peter Reeve (and Steve Crowther had the gall to question Steve Allison's credentials!). He was, however, value for money, as he made everybody present laugh with his claim that UKIP's target was to have 1,000 councillors elected by 2015! Pete, don't let that old fat bird - the one you knock about with - run any future election campaigns. She proved herself to be bloody hopeless last week in Leicester!

Crowther (or Crowder, as he is known by the BBC), read out a statement from the Fuhrer expressing a certain amount of disappointment in last week's election results. Well, Mr 2% Farage MEP, we were not "disappointed", we were bloody furious.

Farage has been bouncing off the ropes this week, and there is likely to be more to come. The pressure is on from all sides - let us hope that his enemies have the guts to stick the knife in this time, and not let him get up again as they always have before.

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Greg_L-W. said...


you have just outlined the main problem of UKIP the utter incompetence of the NEC who are bought and paid for by Farage.

It is clear that for many years UKIP NEC would be hard pressed to run a bath and the NEC is over run with self serving, utterly useless nebishes - many of whom like Mick McGough, Peter Reeve, Lisa Duffy, george Curtis, Derek Clark, David Bannerman etc. are either bullies, liars, cheats or crooks on the make and the take.

Please identify a single member of the NEC of ANY political or management ability and then convince us based on their achievements, competence and gravitas - not including low life self serving duplicity!

Ity is all very well to lay the blame at Farage's door but who are the board of thisd company and be minded - even if duped - the shareholders/members appointed him!

Clearly without Farage, as it stands, UKIP has NO ONE of any caliber. Farage's is UKIP's only asset.

It is lame to say that he has engineered that, though true, it is clear no one of any political and management competence has been able to out maneuver him.

Before UKIP is decapitated on populist clamour first you need a big bucket for the blood and then you need a better head I submit there is no such head!

Thus knowing the only individuals who have shown integrity and have stood their ground without temper tantrums are Mike Mattrass, Nikki Sinclaire, Trevor Colman and Dr. David Abbott may I suggest they are called upon to form an interim leadership.

Together with Delroy Young IF he is prepared to provide a CV, CRB and Birth Certificate.

Farage should be offered AND requested to continue as MEP and spokesman ANSWERABLE & APPROVED by the new interim leadership.

etc. etc. etc.

UKIP must beware not to throw the baby out with the bath water but the ordure floating in the bath water MUST GO.