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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Marta Andreasen leaves the UKIP delegation & Douglas Denny writes to David Bannerman

It just gets worse for our Nigel!

Marta Andreasen has left the UKIP delegation in the EFD group. However, she is still a member of the EFD group. She is now a 'single person delegation'.

This is yet another hammer blow for Farage who was so desperate to keep this quiet. And who can blame him! The departure of Bannerman for the Tories on Tuesday and now Andreasen leaves the UKIP delegation. How he must curse the day that he brought them both on board! But we did warn him!

Andreasen now has complete control of her staff and her budget. Senior figures in the party are now openly stating that Farage should resign at the earliest opportunity.

Marta is hoping to join another party. Can you guess which one? And can we say just how much we enjoyed her new Brussels look. Those clothes were just delightful!

Meanwhile Douglas Denny writes to David Bannerman.......

Bannerman: Political Prostitute, liar and traitor to the euro-realist cause!

Dear David,

To learn of your defection to the Conservative Party after years of your denouncing them is the most cynical, self-serving act of betrayal I know of in all the years of politics that I have been engaged in.

I am appalled and disgusted with you: - a person who I thought had integrity but has now proven without a shadow of doubt how shallow in principles you really are.

What is worse for me personally to learn of this event, is I considered you a friend too, someone invited to stay under my roof, eaten at my table, and considered a trusted companion on the road towards a great cause for Britain against the EU; a person who had previously denounced all the other cynical political parties - especially the Conservatives - who have been for over thirty years and still are - busy selling the country down the river..... and now you have joined them !! For what? ... your own selfish, power-greed, tongue-slavering, money-grabbing reasons? What a traitor ! What a Judas! How can you can face yourself in the mirror every day?

To salvage any kind of credibility as a decent human being you should now resign your MEP position - so hard worked for and gained on the back of UKIP's many workers who deserve better than you by far !

Resign, and I shall accept you still as an honourable person but understand that you cannot continue with UKIP (for whatever reasons) - then, and only then, at least you will have done the decent thing.

Stay as an MEP, having got there under the UKIP banner only to have defected and distanced yourself from your own previously announced principles - espoused so volubly for years under UKIP's name - and you will prove to all you are as base as the lowest on the planet.

Douglas Denny. NEC member. UKIP.

Readers may recall that Mr Denny was one of Bannerman's staunchest supporters and frequently attacked this blog when we pointed out that Bannerman was a political prostitute without a single redeeming feature. We now trust that Mr Denny will be less critical when we point out unpalatable facts to him!

Mr Denny must also regret refusing to back calls from Robin Page, John West, Del Young, Eric Edmond and David Abbott for a full investigation into the rigged Eastern Region MEP process. This was also despite Piers Merchant's call for one. A full investigation would have revealed much and probably resulted in Bannerman being disqualified from standing!!

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