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Monday, 2 May 2011

UKIP: Mike Nattrass responds to a Farage sycophant

These emails speak for themselves:

To: ukipmep@hotmail.co.uk
CC: nikki@ukip.org; trevorcolman@btconnect.com; mcwilliam.steph@gmail.com; jeff.mager@btinternet.com
Subject: Petition
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 23:01:37 +0000


I have seen your idea of an advert for yet another petion.

Don't you know that The Express delivered 1/3 million petitions to Downing Street recently, and were politely told to take them elsewhere?

Please would you spend your money on supporting the activists who actually got you elected.

Ian Proctor

From: mike nattrass
Sent: Sun, 1 May 2011 13:11
Subject: Petition


This is a petition which was initiated last September by Nikki Sinclaire and has 60,000 plus signatures due to West Midlands UKIP member's hard work in Market Places etc.

It went into the Daily Mail on Saturday (next to Royal Wedding photos!) and is already getting a great response.

The Express came to Nikki last year to see how is was being done and took the concept into their paper, with a great result. We have no problem with that as it increases awareness to Express readers, but what about the other readers?
The matter needs to be exposed nationwide and not just the in the Express.

This is all about a promise from the Government that petitions of over 100,000 would be considered in the Commons.

As you are well aware EU money cannot be spent directly on the Party so this is legally spent in an approved manner on our major objective, because it is "information."

Please explain how this does not help the activists, when this is our objective for which we have worked for more than 15 years? Also how you would expect the MEP's EU budget money to be legally spent? All suggestions very very welcome!

As for helping activists I do anyway, but not via my EU budget as that is illegal.

Sadly we could not use our UKIP Logo in the advert because Nikki (one of the three MEPs involved) is currently banned by the NEC from using the UKIP logo!

I hope this explains our thinking.


Nuff said!

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