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Monday, 30 May 2011

UKIP's very public train crash continues: Marta replies to Nigel

Nigel, take my hand. You had a good run but all political careers ultimately end in failure and the wolves are gathering at the door. Hand the poisoned chalice to Paul and let me take you to a better place.

And so the very public UKIP train crash continues. It beggars belief that Farage could be so stupid as to publicly attack Andreasen and then act surprised when she decides to respond likewise! And as for that idiot Steve Crowther! He should be renamed The Puppet. No wonder the Tories are laughing in Brussels. And Bannerman is laughing the loudest!

Marta responds to Nigel's last letter (LINK). She pulls no punches!

Dear Nigel,

During the Politics Show last Sunday you stated that I had “not even been to the UK for several months”. You have failed to retract this untrue statement and instead raised further unfounded accusations.

The fact is that I have been and “been seen”- there is public record- in the UK regularly, raising UKIP´s credibility at important events as the voice of opposition.

A search on the Electoral Commission website returns only one donation made by you to the party in the last 10 years. The donation of 1,100 pounds sterling to the South East region was made in March 2009, that is before the last European election.

The code of conduct demanded that MEPs “set up an office in their region, funded from their Parliamentary general allowances”. However your declaration of financial interests as it appears in the European Parliament website under your name , shows that in fact your office in the South East region is given to you free of rent by a member of the party. Now one wonders where and how you are actually using such allowance.

Contrary to what you state I corrected bookie Mr. Alan Bown about my having an office in Woking when he surprised me back in January in the presence of Mr. Stuart Wheeler with the accusation -which I now realize must have originated from you- that I did not have an office. The fact is that I fund my office – located in an office building in Woking – out of my parliamentary general expense allowance, the address having been registered with the Council, communicated to Head Office and it also appears in my newsletter.

From the above it is clear that it is you and not me the one who has failed to honor the famous code of conduct that we were asked to sign when we stood as candidates for election in 2009. Do you by any chance believe it does not apply to you?

Unfortunately you have decided to put this on the public domain even before I had the chance to read it, so this is going on my website.

Voters look for credibility which is what, in my view, your actions are not a representation of.


Marta Andreasen MEP
Rue Wiertz, 60
ASP 4F154
B-1047 Brussels
Tel: 0032 22845726
Email: marta.andreasen@europarl.europa.eu
Website: http://www.martaandreasen.com/

Nuff said!

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