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Monday, 13 June 2011

So when will Andrew Smith and Mick 'wolfman' McGough be expelled from UKIP?


The Wolfman

Would you trust ANY of these men with your money? We thought not!

Interesting quote from Farage:

"we´ve always been open to dual membership, dual support. We´re entirely happy with people being members of UKIP and also being part of the Labour Party, or the Tories etc. ...We do draw the line at those who are officers or candidates for other parties..."

To read the original: LINK

So one can only wonder as to why Andrew Smith and Wolfman McGough are still allowed to be members of UKIP? And the reason for asking this? Both are officials of The Tea Party according the Electoral Commission website. The Wolfman is Nominating Officer and Treasurer of the TEA PARTY. And Smith is listed as Party Leader.

And why the Tea Party? They have copied an American movement named after the Boston Tea Party - an event which triggered an anti-British revolution. Now that is really going to resonate with British voters! Please note the sarcasm in the last sentence.

And what about Godfrey Bloom? He is a board member of a pan-Eurpean party. See: LINK . Surely, he should also face expulsion. After all, the rules are quite clear.

...We do draw the line at those who are officers or candidates for other parties..."

But what are we saying? We forget one very simple UKIP fact - the rules only apply when Farage says they apply!

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