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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

UKIP: OLAF & more from The Wolfman


OLAF's relationship with UKIP was mentioned at the last NEC meeting. All those present were assured that everything was just fine and that UKIP had nothing to worry about. Oh really? We strongly advise them to have a word with Derek Clark and Graham Booth. Both have been under investigation by OLAF and both have hardly come out of the experience smelling of roses! More on this in due course.

The Wolfman protests too much

Mick 'wolfman' McGough - serial liar and idiot - has been telling anyone who will listen how he always knew that David Bannerman was untrustworthy and was just using UKIP for his own selfish ends. He even claims to have confided to many UKIPPERS that Bannerman was 'a wrong un'.

A quick call to some of our Eastern Region contacts proved very illuminating. None can recall the Wolfman EVER expressing ANY doubts about Bannerman's loyalty to UKIP. Indeed, all can clearly remember McGough defending him to the hilt whenever the UKIP MEP faced criticism from GLW, Andrew Edwards or this blog. This support for Bannerman continued right up to his defection to the Tories.

They also pointed out that McGough was always totally opposed to an investigation into the allegations that the Eastern Region selection process was rigged to favour Bannerman.

So please take McGough's comments with the biggest pinch of salt you can possibly find. And could someone remind him that it is very easy to be wise after the event.

And finally....

Keep an eye out for a new magazine. It should be arriving at your door very soon!

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