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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

UKIP: Steve Crowther & Nigel's false promises

UKIP - its all about money now.

The latest non-entity to try to get his nose in the trough courtesy of his devotion to Nigel Farage is Steve Crowther. Crowther wants to be paid a salary for his work as Party Secretary. Like so many before him, he is being strung along with false promises.

Crowther faces two problems. Firstly, all money accrues to the leadership. The leader's wife, and Annabelle Fuller might get paid, but we all doubt if Crowther can do what they do. Secondly, rumour has it that Crowther may not be with us for as long as he might hope. He is not popular with the MEPs, and has not really impressed with his performance to date. Farage likes Crowther, but will not support him when calls are made for his removal over the coming summer.

Shit happens, Steve!

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Greg_L-W. said...


apart from word and publish an unsigned apology he seems to have failed completely to ensure UKIP does not find itself the wrong end of a large compensation claim from The High Court as in 6 months he has failed to resolve the problems cause by the lies to and about Nikki Sinclaire by the leadership and their parasites.

One need only to read the comments on the UKIP Forum and the secondary Forum managed by Anthony Butcher to realise just how deep the water is for UKIP.

Crowther was charged with resolving this and even his meeting with Nattrass was no success.

Now we see him contradicting The NFU & their agent Stuart Agnew in public.

The silence of UKIP's only noticeable backer over the last 2 or 3 months adds to the woes giving th3e impression he is yet again having 'A Crisis of Confidence' and may explain UKIP's vituperative squabbling with no gullible source of cash.

I wonder if Farage will be sending his errand boys to the EU Secretary General's office to see if he can tag Annabelle Fuller's legal costs, if she is prosecuted, onto his own for payment by the tax payers!