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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Stuart Agnew's contempt for the membership of UKIP and Trevor Colman on Pan-European parties

'He is as thick as sh*t but he's got money'. Nigel Farage on why he favoured Stuart Agnew as an MEP

Stuart Agnew - under investigation by OLAF for alleged fraud - has made it quite clear that he holds the membership of UKIP in contempt.

A meeting - chaired by Farage sycophant Steve Crowther - was held at the Tiverton Hotel to discuss Farage's plan to turn UKIP into a pan-European party (PEP). Farage is desperate for this to happen as it would mean even more money for him to misuse. That it would be a betrayal of EVERYTHING UKIP STANDS FOR is something that doesn't bother Nigel in the least.

Agnew, during the debate, made it quite clear that EVEN if the membership rejected Farage's wishes he would STILL consider joining a PEP! But why should we be so surprised? This is the man who colluded in a rigged Eastern Region MEP selection process to ensure that both he and Bannerman became the lead candidates.

Protagonists at the meeting:

Trevor Colman MEP - NO to PEP
Stuart Agnew MEP - YES to PEP
Stephanie Williams - YES to PEP
Mike Smith - NO to PEP

Ballot papers will be sent out in July to the membership.

We would urge all members of UKIP to reject PEP. However, don't expect Farage to abide by the wishes of the membership. Like Agnew, the little matter of a NO vote won't deter him from carrying on with his pan-European dream!

And now this.....

Trevor Colman MEP on why UKIPPERS must reject Farage's plan for UKIP to become pan-European. Ignore his warnings at your peril!

A Step Too Far By Trevor Colman MEP

The introduction of pan-European parties is a move by the European Union to rid itself of political parties representing national freedom.

The legislation introducing pan-European structures, Regulations (EC) 2004/2003 and 1524/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council 4.11.03 and 18.12.07 clearly identify three requirements alien to UKIP ideals.

The aim of this legislation, stated again and again, is to hasten the integration process of individual countries into a supra national European state. The following are just four of the many references to ‘integration’.

The introductory paragraph to Reg. 2004/2003 states ‘political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration’.

Later, Article 2(4) of the same regulation declares that ‘political foundations at European level complement the objectives of the political parties at European level....and on the process of European integration’.

Para 3 of reg. 1524/2007 declares, ‘political foundations at European level affiliated with the political parties at European level may [contribute] to the debate on European public policy issues and on European integration’.

Finally a letter from the Directorate General in April, 2010 stresses that ‘political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration within the Union’.

This legislation makes no attempt to hide the fact that European integration is one of its prime objectives.

Becoming a pan-European party means an acceptance of an EU-twisted society. Nothing is what it appears to be.

Reg 2004/2003 article 3(c), for example, is a masterful example of EU double-speak. ‘A political party at European level must observe the principles on which the European Union is founded, namely the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law’.

UKIP cannot observe the ‘principles on which the EU is founded’. The EU was falsely presented to the British as a trading arrangement with a promise that ‘there would be no loss of essential national sovereignty’.

Britain’s EU membership, based entirely on a falsehood, makes it impossible for UKIP to accept the founding of the EU.

Similarly, how can UKIP accept ‘the principles of liberty and democracy’ as defined by EU Treaties when, in reality, no such principles exist in this corrupt, undemocratic structure?

According to Reg. 2004/2003 para 4, ‘respect for human rights’ means, acceptance of ‘the principles... recognised in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union’.

This Charter (about which the British have never been consulted) destroys our inalienable rights as free-born Britons and tramples on the protections contained in the British Constitution, Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights.

Para 4 of Reg. 2004/2003 also indicates that the principles, including the ‘rule of law’, are ‘as set out in the Treaties’. This means a rule of law incorporating Corpus Juris, the European Arrest Warrant, the European Investigation Order, Europol, a European Prosecutor and the European Gendarmerie. Habeas Corpus, jury trial, the safeguards of the British Constitution and the adversarial Anglo Saxon system of criminal justice will vanish.

The so-called ‘founding principles’ in this legislation are a travesty of what they purport to be.

In reality by becoming a pan-European party UKIP would be accepting a structure founded on deceit, with human rights defined and regulated by a secretive political cabal, where democratic processes are denied or ignored and where the rule of law is an oppressive arm of the state.

Funding: Art. 7(1) and (2) Reg. 2004/2003 baldly states that ‘the funding of political parties and foundations at European level from the EU or from any other source, may not be used for the direct or indirect funding of other political parties and in particular national parties or candidates.’

This means EU (public) money can be used to fund pan-European party campaigns but not national parties such as UKIP.

Further, it is plain from the above that the allegedly large sums of pan-European money cannot be used to benefit UKIP either directly or indirectly.

Despite the massive bribes apparently on offer, EU money, in reality, can only be used supporting a structure that will destroy UKIP.

If UKIP joins or becomes a pan-European party then it will betray Britain and support the federal European state it is sworn to oppose. If that happens, our country is lost.

This is a step too far

Also see: LINK


Greg_L-W. said...


it was interesting to note the comments of the UKIP liar and fantasist idiot saying:
If only they could do some wrecking. But they cannot.
We have had MEPs for many years - tell me - how much actual wrecking have they achieved by being in the EU system in all this time?
All they are doing is engaging in the 'approved' and 'official' system. They are a part of it - absorbed and responding as required. With no real powers to do anything. They are political eunuchs.
They have become like cyborgs in the 'Startreck' movies. "Resistance is futil..you will be absobed into the Collective".

He and most of the other ill informed clowns in UKIP are prattling on about what they will do if an MEP acts against the vote on PEPPs - clearly they haven't a clue what the LAW says!

The NEC has absolutely no authority. There are no Whips to withdraw in The EUP.

NO MEP CAN BE realistically sanctioned in any way as it is ultra vires to the EU law which pertains.

It is The NEC who are the eunochs and what they say has as little influence over MEPs as MEPs have in The EU.

If only they weren't all clearly competing for idiot of the year prizes!

Pan EU Part Rules can be seen here:

EU pretend Parliament Rules of procedure are readily available to confirm my claims at:

Good luck!


Greg_L-W. said...


for the record - membership of a PEPP will not in any way help UKIP to have a Think Tank - that costs nothing in real terms as 'FUTURUS' will soon show.

What UKIP lacks for a 'Think Tank' is NOT money as they overpay a large number of hired praise singers of no other value.

What UKIP needs is adequate brains and intelligence TO THINK - something they have shown they are utterly incompetent to do as they are much too busy copulating, carousing and squabbling like ferrets in a sack!

18 Years and still they have NO VISION, NO STRATEGY, NO TACTICS & have NEVER had any meaningfull training.

What is UKIP's exit and survival startegy? 18 years and they haven't a clue.

UKIP just runs around in chicken suits, inflatable toys and childish insults suffice for them as competence!

It would be funny were it not MY COUNTRY they are betraying!