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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

UKIP Snippets: Mike Smith on Pan-European parties & Stuart Agnew's hypocrisy

Mike Smith is a UKIP Gloucester branch chairman.

We should not sell out for 30 pieces of silver

By Mike Smith

I was asked to write 500 words on why UKIP shouldn’t join a Pan European Party. To me the issue is so simple and straightforward, that may prove difficult!

I joined UKIP in the early 1990s purely to free my beloved country from its entanglement in European politics, which, incidentally, I never supported in the first place.

I acknowledge that many who have joined the Party more recently, especially the very welcome younger members, have a much broader agenda. However, leaving the EU is the only way that wider agenda can be achieved.

I believe that Pan-European Parties are a further device to promote a European superstate – and an unusually obvious one at that. I am utterly amazed that some of our MEPs, who have been elected to get us out of the European Union, have fallen for it. Thank goodness for the likes of Trevor Colman who have seen through it and alerted us. His masterly dissertation exposes the duplicitous Eurospeak.

Do we really want to vote for the same party as they do in Serbia, Bulgaria, Latvia et al? Because that is what “Pan” means.

The fact that this issue is being debated at all demonstrates how it has split our Party wide open from top to bottom. And it is our Party – it does not belong to the MEPs. It must be sheer joy to the Europhiles in Westminster and Brussels.

It has been claimed that we would get €1million if we were to join a PEP. Others say we would have to pay €200,000 first and we would not be able to use any of it to promote UKIP in this country.

However, whoever is correct is largely academic. I am opposed to state funding of political parties whether from Brussels or Westminster. Once the state controls their funding it controls the parties and that is yet another nail in the coffin of democracy.

But it is not about money. I joined a British Party. If the Party I joined were no longer British then I would want absolutely nothing to do with it. The work and money that I have ploughed into it over nearly 15 years will be utterly wasted. But if UKIP joins or becomes a Pan European Party I WILL leave it and even find it very difficult to vote for it in future elections. And I will not be the only one!

Don’t let a handful of MEPs, who we have put in place with our shoe leather and widows’ mites, sell the soul of our Party for 30 pieces of euro silver.

Agnew on Bannerman's defection

"As usual, he has shown a great lack of judgement and put his own interests ahead of those of UKIP. David is a career politician who is only interested in self-promotion rather than having any real belief in what UKIP is fighting for." Taken from a BBC news report.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This quote could as easily be used to describe Agnew himself! Let us not forget that Agnew's own 'lack of judgement' resulted in him admitting on video that he was misusing his MEP allowances to pay Peter Reeve. This admission led to him becoming the subject of an OLAF investigation!

Agnew is a disgrace to the euro-realist movement - a career politician who is abusing his position as an MEP in order to line his own pockets and lobby on behalf of the NFU!

Here is the video where he admits his dishonesty:

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