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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

UKIP: Fiorello Provera

Fiorello Provera is the Italian MEP who steered the Lisbon Treaty through the Italian parliament, and who now sits as a member of Nigel farage's EFD group.

Signor Provera is working as hard in the interests of EU harmonisation now as ever before.

He has authored a report on EU policy and migration flows, in which he calls for more and more integration under the auspices of the EU.

He wants the Commission to oversee member state's own policies on readmission, and he "Welcomes the Commission’s recent proposals on legal migration for non-asylum seekers, and urges it to develop further instruments to establish a common immigration policy", and he also wants the EU to develop "the capacity to receive and successfully integrate migrants".

Lega Nord is an odd assortment of lunatics homophobes and racists. They are also committed to the cause of EU integration. Nigel Farage has brought UKIP into disrepute by allowing the party to sit with these dreadful people. He has also discredited UKIP's withdrawalist position to the point where no sensible person will ever believe in the party again.

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Greg_L-W. said...


How can UKIP support The EFD having made this apology to Nikki Sinclaire MEP:
Statement on UKIP and Nikki Sinclaire

Monday, 6th June 2011

The following statement has been issued by UKIP today:

The UK Independence Party and Nikki Sinclaire are pleased to confirm the amicable resolution of the Tribunal complaint brought by Nikki Sinclaire.

"The Respondents to the claim, which included the Party, and who all denied the allegations, have agreed to Ms Sinclaire withdrawing the claim ahead of the forthcoming Pre-Hearing Review as the Party and Ms Sinclaire resolve matters between them.

"The UK Independence Party takes this opportunity to affirm that it is opposed to discrimination on all grounds as prescribed by law and otherwise. The Party acknowledges the principles of non-discrimination, non-racism and non-sectarianism in its Constitution, and holds those principles dear as a libertarian party. The Party does not espouse, condone or support homophobia or sexual orientation discrimination in any way, and sexuality is no bar to involvement or advancement within the Party.

Ms Sinclaire is grateful for this confirmation and is pleased that this matter has been concluded by mutual consent and looks forward to a more constructive relationship.