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Sunday, 12 June 2011

UKIP: Douglas Denny sees the light, more Nikki Sinclaire & Farage crash pilot given community order

In a recent thread on the UKIP members only forum we noticed a couple of interesting comments from Steve Allison and Douglas Denny. Mr Allison reminded members of this quote:

Journalist to newly elected MEP;

"UKIP want the UK to leave the EU, so why are you taking up seats in the European Parliament, an institution you oppose."

Newly elected MEP to Journalist;

"Simple. We are going there to wreck it!"

Denny replied:

If only they could do some wrecking. But they cannot.

We have had MEPs for many years - tell me - how much actual wrecking have they achieved by being in the EU system in all this time?

All they are doing is engaging in the 'approved' and 'official' system. They are a part of it - absorbed and responding as required. With no real powers to do anything. They are political eunuchs.

They have become like cyborgs in the 'Startreck' movies:

Journalist to new mep in reply:- "Resistance is futil..you will be absobed into the Collective".


So at long last the scales have fallen from his eyes! Too little, too late!

Nikki Sinclaire in the Birmingham Post

MEP Nikki Sinclaire still hoping to stand for UKIP at next election

West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire fell out with her UKIP colleagues last year, but she tells Political Editor Jonathan Walker why she could still return to the fold – and why she turns her back when she hears Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

A rebel MEP who was expelled from UKIP and took the party to an employment tribunal has said she still hopes to stand in the next European elections – as a UKIP candidate.

Nikki Sinclaire said she could still patch things up with her party despite a bitter public feud with leader Nigel Farage and an ongoing row over allegations of sexism and homophobia.

Ms Sinclaire revealed this was not the first time she took legal action against UKIP. A High Court ruling in 2004 found in her favour after the party attempted to remove her from its National Executive Committee.

She went on to become the second UKIP MEP representing the West Midlands when she was elected in 2009.

Speaking to the Birmingham Post, Ms Sinclaire also said she had spent £11,000 from EU funds on newspaper adverts to promote her campaign for a referendum on leaving the EU.

The campaign, backed by West Midlands UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass and celebrity chef Rustie Lee, has so far attracted 50,000 signatures.

She said: “The adverts were paid for out of my communication budget, and that had to be pre-approved by the Parliament. It was fantastic to get that.”

Ms Sinclaire’s joy in becoming UKIP’s second West Midlands MEP in 2009 quickly turned sour after she fell out with her colleagues in 2010 over her refusal to sit with the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group, UKIP’s group in the European Parliament.

This included parties from other European nations, including some which she considered to be homophobic and anti-semitic.

As a result, she was stripped of the party whip, preventing her from calling herself a UKIP MEP or standing as a UKIP candidate in future elections.

Ms Sinclaire has also claimed her poor relationship with Nigel Farage, UKIP’s leader from 2007 to 2009 – who became party leader for a second time last November – was a factor in her expulsion.

Since then, she has been joined as an independent by Mike Nattrass, the other UKIP MEP in the West Midlands, and Trevor Colman, UKIP MEP for the South-west, both of whom have left the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group.

However, unlike Ms Sinclaire, neither of them was disciplined by UKIP.

Ms Sinclaire won a claim for sex discrimination against her former colleagues at UKIP at an employment tribunal last December.

But despite the result she said she would be happy to return to the fold if she got the chance.

She said: “There are ongoing issues at the moment, but I have been at loggerheads with UKIP before and then came back.

“So I wouldn’t rule it out.”

It would be hard to win re-election as an independent, she said.

“I’m 42 and I can’t see myself wanting to retire yet. I would want to keep fighting.

“But European elections are about parties, not people. It’s all about your profile.”

Ms Sinclaire publicly said she was a lesbian in an interview with the Pink Paper in 2004, saying she wanted to show that UKIP was not an “anti-gay”, intolerant party.

But she said she did not want to be seen as a campaigner for gay rights, although she paid tribute to politicians such as Labour West Midlands MEP Michael Cashman, the former Eastenders actor, who were.

“I have never been a gay rights activist. I respect the people who have, like Michael Cashman, and probably if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been elected.

“I know Michael Cashman went through hell when he first got elected. I’ll be there to support issues, but I’m not an activist.

“I think my sexuality shouldn’t count. It really shouldn’t matter.”

What she did want to focus on was the abuse of taxpayers’ money by the European Union, she said.

“For example, MEPs can claim a daily living expense when they are at the European Parliament, but you get MEPs signing in on Friday in Strasbourg, when there is no official business and claiming their 304 euros (£265)

“They start at 7am and sign in. They go downstairs, get into an official car, go to an airport or Eurostar and they’ll be back in the country at 8am or 9am.”

Ms Sinclaire also attacked Conservative MEPs, claiming they stand to attention when the EU “national anthem”, the final movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, is played.

She said: “The Conservatives annoy me. When they play Beethoven, the number of Conservative MEPs who stand to attention – probably two thirds of the Conservative MEPs stand up for that.

“I tend to get up, turn my back and sit on my desk.”

The European Constitution, which was officially scrapped when French and Dutch voters rejected it in 2005, would have given the movement, Ode to Joy, official status as the EU anthem. However, Ms Sinclaire said that it was treated as an official anthem anyway.

To see the original: LINK

Farage crash pilot given community order

So the long running farce has finally ended! It was clear that Justin Adams had mental health problems and needed urgent medical help. The best course of action would have been to refer him to a mental health clinic. This was not done.

Holding Justin Adams in a prison in his fragile state can hardly be seen as serving the interests of justice.

But super rich, 'Spivboy', could always step in and help by paying for Mr Adams to have private treatment. But don't hold your breath waiting for that one. When did Farage ever show signs of compassion for anyone but himself?

We note that Farage wants to "draw a line under this whole affair". So can we now trust trust that he will cease to milk the story for more cheap publicity? Even the most ingratiating of his sycophants is now getting rather sick and tired of hearing how Nigel was 'spared' for some higher purpose.

From the BBC:

A pilot found guilty of threatening to kill UKIP leader Nigel Farage following a plane crash has been given a two-year supervised community order.

A jury found Justin Adams guilty of making five threats relating to Mr Farage and crash investigator Martin James after the accident in May 2010.

The court heard the recording of a phone call where Adams claimed to have a 9mm pistol.

Adams, 46, of Oxfordshire, said his threats were "a cry for help".

Mr Farage said he intends to "draw a line under this whole affair".

In a statement, he added: "Today's sentencing marks the end of a sad and tragic episode.

"As I have stated previously, it is has always been my belief that Mr Adams was in need of help and support from our mental health services, yet he never got the level of care that he needed."

Entangled banner

The crash in Northamptonshire on 6 May last year, the day of the 2010 General Election, left both self-employed pilot Adams and Mr Farage in hospital.

An Air Accidents Investigation Branch report found the plane crashed when a campaign banner it was towing became entangled, causing the plane's nose to drop.

Mr Farage said he wants to "draw a line" under the affair

A subsequent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) inquiry, which involved investigator Martin James and looked into whether Adams was qualified to fly with a banner, cleared the pilot.

The court heard that Adams lost work in the six months it took for the CAA investigation into the crash to take place and he was unable to have his plane repaired, as insurers would not pay out until the investigation had been completed.

As well as being angry about the length of time the investigation took, Adams also felt resentment towards Mr Farage, judge Mr Justice Saunders said.

The pilot believed he had lost out on an opportunity to sell his story, having been advised not to speak to the press.

He made threats to kill both CAA crash investigator Mr James and Mr Farage.

During the trial, jurors were played a recording of phone call by Adams to police.

'Drinking to excess'

He said: "I'm going to kill somebody or two", the court heard.

He later added: "I now have a 9mm pistol, I've got the means - I will take them out and then myself."

Adams was found guilty of five counts of making threats to kill by a jury in April.

Mr Justice Saunders said Adams was suffering from "a depressive order of moderate severity" which had been triggered by the crash.

The judge told the court: "He was also drinking to excess, which undoubtedly impaired his judgment and affected his behaviour.

"I also accept, having heard the evidence in the trial, that to an extent these offences were a cry for help as well as an expression of anger and resentment at the events that had happened."

Adams has been in custody for six months before sentencing.

To read the original: LINK

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