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Thursday, 30 June 2011

UKIP: Dr Edmond on Annabelle Fuller, Del Young, John West and Andrew Bridgen

Now what can I do with Andrew's Blackberry and Commons pass? Any takers?

Readers of this blog will be aware that Dr Edmond was a member of UKIP's NEC. He was thrown off it after he committed the crime of actually wanting to tackle corruption in the party AND listen to the concerns of ordinary members.

Here are his views on Ms Fuller, Del Young, John West, Moroccan taxi drivers and Andrew Bridgen.

From Dr Edmonds blog

Annabelle Fuller is a very close friend and long time associate of Nigel Farage. I saw her at the first UKIP NEC meeting I attended when she seemed to be allowed by the chairman to wander in and out of the meeting at will. She has featured previously in the tabloid press baring her victim status for all interested to see and read. The first incident was written up in the Daily Mail, click on link to read it. Despite the menacing nature of these phone calls she claims to have received she never reported them to the police but it did provide a good story for the Mail.

Del Young

The date of this 'story' was very close to the time Del Young a UKIP NEC member received phone calls threatening he would be killed. Del did report these threats to the police who traced these calls to some misguided youths. I often wonder who was guiding these misguided youths? To the best of my knowledge Del's death threats were not published in the media.

John West

The next time Ms Fuller came up at the UKIP NEC was when John West, a long time UKIP activists and potential UKIP MEP candidate for the Eastern region, had his confidential media test interview with Clive Page, UKIP's press officer and nominally Ms Fuller's boss posted on YouTube from a Morocco ISP address with the very damaging title, 'How not to do politics'. The video tape copy of this interview was kept on Ms Fuller's laptop which she subsequently claimed she had left in a London taxi and which was returned to her by the cabbie two days later. Her story relayed to the NEC by chairman Whittaker was the taxi driver may have posted John's interview on YouTube. He presumably flew to Morocco and back to do so and carefully selected John's interview from the hundred or so interviews on the laptop. Some taxi driver!

Del Young, David Abbott and I pressed for a full NEC investigation into how personal confidential material on a potential UKIP candidate ended up on YouTube. Chairman Whittaker said he was not minded to take this matter further. I wonder why not? To this day Ms Fuller continues her association with UKIP and Mr Farage.

Andrew Bridgen MP

Her latest unsettling experience is documented in yesterday's Sunday Mirror and today's DT. Click on
link to read. Note the similarities in these two stories with the much earlier Mail story. Yet again despite the clearly serious nature of these events Ms Fuller has declined to press charges against the Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, married with two children who is named in these articles. He is quoted as below in today's DT.

"Naturally, I remain hurt and angry that such a ludicrous, false and unsubstantiated allegation should have been given the attention it has."

"The allegation was unfair and hurtful not just to myself but to my wife and children, who bore the brunt of huge and unwarranted media intrusion.”

Exactly! I hope Mr Bridgen will be minded to pursue this matter!

Plus these comments....

John Page said...

So she ran out of his flat with his ID. Why would you do that?

I did like the "I'm only 29".

Eric Edmond said...

Taking his Commons pass ID has serious security implications and should be notified to the Commons authorities, Sergeant at Arms or who ever. Taking his Blackberry plus a letter as alleged in the Sunday Mirror looks like prima facie theft. What are the police doing.

Presumably the MP had a lot of confidential phone numbers, addresses and other material on his Blackberry. You can never find a Moroccan taxi driver when you need one these days.

Greg_L-W. said...


isn't the theft of a Blackberry an offence?

In fact the theft of a Westminster Pass must surely call for prosecution under The Terrorism Act and that any passing trollop could have stolen it were Annabelle Fullers fanciful story plausible - it does seem Andrew Bridgen's most serious offence was putting at risk the security of The Palace of Westminster!

It does all sound most clearly like a hastily constructed alibi for a theft when caught red handed.

The track record of dishonesty and lies from Ms. Fuller, does little to add to the plausibility of her story.

Many will remeber her loitering in public toilets to spread lies to corrupt a leadership election for Nigel Farage.

The alacrity with which Fuller has used the internet in Morocco in the past - skipped abroad now and flitted from Party to Party forming intimate relations does imply that she may well be a security risk but her obvious ineptitude may fall short of being a full blown terrorist risk.

She is after all only 29 going on 14! it seems. That however makes her no less a liar and corrupt - just childishly incompetent!


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