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Saturday, 25 June 2011

UKIP: Andrew Bridgen MP

Annabelle Fuller at Ascot. Certain females have a nerve wearing white!

We understand that Annabelle Fuller, UKIP employee, personal 'friend' and 'assistant' to Farage, might possibly be able to assist in revealing the identity of the woman that is alleged to have attempted to set up Andrew Bridgen MP.

We can only agree with the following comment:

If the case has been dropped due to false allegations, then the 'lady' in question should be charged accordingly and jailed if found guilty. His reputation has been destroyed and his career and marriage put in jeopardy - yet she still remains anonymous and walks away unpunished. A disgrace.

And we are sure that Nigel Farage would agree.

From The Mail

Police drop sex assault case against Tory MP after just a week

A Tory MP spoke of his ‘hurt and anger’ yesterday after police dropped a sex-assault case against him after only one week.

Backbencher Andrew Bridgen, 46, was detained in the early hours of last Thursday after a former political aide claimed he groped her at his Westminster flat.

Amid a blaze of publicity, he was held by police for several hours and forced to provide a DNA sample, pose for a police mugshot and be fingerprinted before being released on bail to return in mid-July.

He vigorously denied any wrong-doing and vowed to clear his name.

Yesterday, after taking a statement from his accuser, detectives ruled there was insufficient evidence to continue investigating.

Mr Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire, said he would now be taking legal advice about possible action over the case.

The saga is likely to trigger a new debate on whether suspects accused of sex offences should be allowed to keep their anonymity until convicted.

TV presenter John Leslie have all been severely embarrassed by sex allegations which came to nothing.

Last Saturday the Mail reported that Mr Bridgen’s accuser had been drunkenly flirting with men in a nearby pub hours before her encounter with the MP, and that police were likely to drop the case within days.

We also disclosed that a civil servant who was in Mr Bridgen’s flat at the time of the alleged incident supported his version of events.

The accuser, a larger-than life character in Westminster, cannot be named for legal reasons but appears to have put her alleged ordeal behind her very quickly.

Earlier this week, she posted a picture of herself happily preparing to go to Royal Ascot on a social networking website.

Married father-of-two Mr Bridgen welcomed the police decision to drop the case.

‘Naturally, I remain hurt and angry that such a ludicrous, false and unsubstantiated allegation should have been given the attention it has,’ he said.

'The allegation was unfair and hurtful not just to myself but to my wife and children.’

To read the original:LINK

Miss Fuller has worked the 'Westminster bubble' for many years and would clearly be aware of the 'lady' involved. We trust that she will contact the police with any information that may help the police indentify the individual in question.


Greg_L-W. said...


although Anabelle Fuller - although not the most credible of witnesses with a proven track record of corruption dishonesty and outright lies, could prove to be the key to bringing the tramp who made these claims against Andrew Bridgen to book.

That the claims were so rapidly dismissed by the Police would indicate they were clearly unsound and there are only a limited number of women 'working' the passages of Westminster who are 20ish.

Clearly Annabelle Fuller is in a position to help the police bring a prosecution for malicious complaint and wasting police time.

That she herself was at Ascot on the same day the meeeja claim the other woman was at Ascot must surely reduce the field.

Sadly there is a possibility that Westminster has sunk to the level employed by General Hooker, who in The American Civil War imported young women to entertain the troops (Hooker's Ladies!) and there may be more of these 'women' of Westminster than one would wish!


Richard said...


Greg_L-W. said...


reading the many accounts and minded that the primary claim would seem that the building security were called - just how long is police reponse time in London - and Fuller was still on the premises!

I understand that in most of Briatin she would still be waiting!

It does read all to easily that security were called after an MP's House of Commons Pass, a confidential letter and a Blackberry had been stolen from his flat by some drunken bimbette - leaving him with his reputation unsullied and a Civil Servant as witness.

One is tempted to ask, as a result of her track record of proven dishonesty, if she had indeed stolen the items and was seeking information on which she could capitalise.

Were this the case could the claims and allegations she made be to cover her theft? We read much of the importance to the press in certain less trustworthy areas of information garnered by phone tapping and the like.

An MP's Blackberry could well contain a great deal of material readily saleable to this woman's media or even what political contacts she still has stupid enough to still trust her.

None of the press coverage she has garnered would seem to have portrayed support for her story and clearly the Police did not rate it just as the unfortunate Andrew Bridgen did not.

It is a matter of record that Annabelle Fuller is a liar and will lie to get what she wants, it is also a matter of record that she is a self publicist and attention seeker.

Are we now to add to her foul language inappropriate drinking habits, corruption and lack of moral compass the label thief?

Were these utterly false allegations conjured up to try to cover-up a theft?

Perhaps we will never know but we are unfortunately all too well aware of the damage done to UKIP by association with this unpleasant inadequate.