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Monday, 27 June 2011

UKIP: Farage's failed Tories

In 2004, after UKIP's spectacular election result, the sharks began to circle. Failed Tories, Tim 'Nice But Dim' stereotypes, and characters from PG Woodehouse novels began hammering on the door, and what trouble they have caused.

Gawain Towler, who came from a Tory MEP's office (via The Sprout Magazine) famously declared at his first interview that his ambition was to be a Tory MP. Towler is an effective operator, but it is Farage he promotes, not UKIP. Farage famously rescued him after a serious scandal led to demands for his deselection in 2009.

His main rival for a job was Dr Lee Rotherham, a committed conservative. Unfortunately for him, he had something of a political profile himself, and was therefore considered a potential rival to the great Messiah.

Next up, fresh from the Young Conservatives, one Annabelle Fuller. Need we say more?

Annabelle brought with her another Tory - the Hon. Stephen Sobey-Neville. He turned out to be another Walter Mitty character who lied about his title and his name. He left with his tail between his legs. He ended up working for Athena PR. And who runs Athena? A certain Ms Fuller!

Then came an ex-Tory Councillor named, apparently, David Campbell-Bannerman. That went well, didn't it! What is it with these people and their affectations towards double-barrelled names they don't actually have?

And let us not forget Lord Pearson, an ex-Tory who as UKIP party leader actually urged voters to support the Tory party.

But why does Farage insist on surrounding himself with these failed Tories? Because he is one himself, of course. Farage only really understands conservatism, he has no awareness at all of other political approaches. His instinct also tells him that the best chance he has of achieving his great dream - a seat in the House of Lords - is to stay close to a certain faction of the Tory party and to bide his time. This is why he backed David Davis in the Tory leadership campaign.

In 2005, the Electoral Commission let it be known that UKIP was in line for a peership, due to the high number of MEPs it had. It was hinted that Roger Knapman, with a long political career behind him, and soon to be an outgoing party leader, would be the ideal candidate. The Messiah would not have this.

And so it was leaked that Knapman was employing Polish builders, and it was suggested that this might go against party policy in some way. This was the first shot in a whispering campaign against the man who had led UKIP to success.

As he slithers from bar to bar, doing his impersonation of Gonville Bromhead - as portrayed in the film 'Zulu' by Michael Caine - he seemingly dreams of becoming Lord Bromley, or whatever. Sadly his friends have seen to it by their behaviour that he is tainted, and is a figure of ridicule in serious political circles. I say, dear boy. You lost the plot

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Greg_L-W. said...


it is said:
All political careers end in failure.

What seems too often to be hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of politics is that:
All failures seem to end in political careers!

For those who find this to be unsound perhaps a closer study of UKIP might prove apposite.