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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Bob Lomas on Nigel Farage & the failure of UKIP

Interesting comments from Bob Lomas of The Magna Carta Society. He made them after watching a video of Farage making a speech:

Subject: Fw: Nigel; Farage in action - again! - Latest...but not dated!
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 07:58:19 +0100

Another skilful and entertaining delivery by Nigel Farage, but to what possible purpose, what is to be gained by it or from it? The whole idea and principle of the EU is the destruction of the nation states of Europe including this nation state which makes the EU an enemy of this nation. Standing in the midst of EU advocates pontificating criticisms will not alter or change that fact one iota. But of course there is a reason for so doing. Nigel Farage and his fellow MEPs who now cohabit with our enemy do so for the lifestyle and their obscene salaries paid for at the expense of our pensioners and public welfare services. It must not be overlooked that should they return to this country and campaign for our withdrawal from the EU they would lose their inflated EU pensions.

In this regard the UKIP is no different to all the other gravy train parties, the UKIP does not see itself as complicit in the treason that took us into the EU, which proves that it is no more concerned about our Constitution and its lawful constraints than all the other parties so engaged. The UKIP's duplicitous claim that it is in Europe to fight our corner in our enemy's camp is a nonsense for its very presence acknowledges the EUs authority over this country as legitimate which it most certainly is not.

The fight to free this nation from foreign rule is right here at home between the people and those who have usurped our Parliament and set themselves up as agents for our foreign enemy in Europe. When the EU elections come round the UKIP hierarchy use to effect their unsuspecting and delusioned faithful supporters to rally round and raise sufficient support to ensure they remain on the disgraceful Brussels gravy train, after which they settle down to delivering grandiose meaningless speeches in a foreign land while here at home it remains open season for our treasonous politicians.

Clearly and essentially a political party is desperately needed to represent the British people, to confront the crooks that now rule us and to regain our lawful freedoms and democratic self governance. When the UKIP was first formed it claimed its dedication to doing just that and quite a number of unsuspecting souls believed it. Seemingly the UKIP found it too hard a nut to crack, so on a 'if you can't beat them join them' principle the UKIP leaders grasped the opportunity afforded them by their position to make hay while the sun shone and by persuading their supporter that it was all in their best interest. It is now clear just whose interest it was in. Perhaps the cruellest aspect of the deceit was the fact that a great number of the UKIP's supporters were staunchly patriotic pensioners, who now suffer in penury under the tyranny of a Fascist style regime while the UKIP leaders enjoy the life of Reilly in foreign climes.

Bob Lomas.


Greg_L-W. said...


although this blog entry is glibly entitled and attributed to The Magna Carta Society please note to the best of my knowledge no such organisation legally exists in that The Magna Carta Society Ltd. was closed down to avoid irregularities or fraud and all monies at that time were accounted in detail by the directors and all surplus was refunded proportionally to donations received.

For more details and the closing statement of the directors see:

I hope this helps as although maybe not the populist detail people would wish to hear it does provide the legal background and factual statements.


Junius said...

Thanks Greg, Mr Lomas still speaks of himself as 'of the Magna Carta Society'.

Greg_L-W. said...


so I gather from your letter and others I have seen - I have no axe to grind on this as I was not a member of the original Magna Carta Society Ltd.

I merely arranged with a friend who had a web site that he would host their material - which he did and still does.

It was the fear of 'passing off' that led to the directors closing the society as they feared that men of straw would mislead people leaving them as individuals of substance saddled with debts dishonestly incurred.

In a search I can see no signs of a registered organisation nor accounts presented by any Magna Carta Society subsequent to the closure of the Limited Company and I believe it would be fraudulent to pass oneself off as a society and solicit support under such circumstances.

Bob Lomas has been a stalwart of the anti EU movement over many years and commands and indeed deserves respect for his efforts though his relationship with The Magna Carta Society did I understand, become a little fraught - he is after all a willful and strident individual of very tunnellled views.

There is room for both in the EUroSceptic Movement just as many may well not agree with the methods of others but at least they try.

Clearly those feeding from the public purse are immediately open to criticism when they are seen to enrich themselves and their chums whilst clearly achieving nothing of value.

Clearly those feeding from donation and or the public purse thereby present themselves as willing subjects of criticism - whilst those funding their own efforts only cowards and those of no repute would seek to defame.

Naturally it is cowardly to defame anyone whilst sheltering dishonestly in a false identity and unable to provide FACTS to back their cowardly claims.

To finally consider Bob Lomas's offering as posted apart from the contentious point of presenting as a spokesman for a defunct society it is hard to find fault with his comments, his logic and his efforts and for that he deserves full recognition.


vigorniensis said...

"EUROSCEPTIC Movement" ?

If I hear that idiotic term once more I think I'll go mad. We are NOT SCEPTICS. We hate the Marxist EU and everything it represents with a vengeance. There is NO SCEPTICISM, just HATE for those that have acted treasonously in their attmept to undo everything our forefathers ever fought for.

Earl said...

As an American of English descent and extremely
proud of that fact I was interested in Old English
law. I CORRESPONDED with Bob and did substantial research into that as well as the current relationship between England and the eu.

Bob was then and remains one of the most knowledgable persons on all aspects of the Eu
As well as the methods employed by the powers that be in gaining admittance to that Socialist

Thank you Bob,

Earl W