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Thursday, 6 October 2011

UKIP: The sordid activities of John Ison, Mark Croucher and Paul Nuttall

In March of this year, an e-mail emerged suggesting that UKIP's Mark Croucher had been receiving information stolen from an MEP's office. The e-mail contained dozens of highly sensitive and personal documents, relating to the MEP, and was sent by John Ison to winballpizard@yahoo.co.uk. It seems that this e-mail address belongs to Mark Croucher.

Mark Croucher

-----Original Message-----
; From: John P Ison [mailto:tb10@aol.com]
; Sent: 19 April 2010 10:14

; To: 'winballpizard@yahoo.co.uk'
; Subject: Download this NOT the others!!

Previously, in September 2010, immediately before the Party Conference in Torquay, Ison was believed to have met with members of UKIP's NEC, and is believed to have colluded in making vexatious allegations against Nikki Sinclaire. The allegations were to be orchestrated, with a blog posting by political pundit Iain Dale being the catalyst by which the media were to be drawn in. Dale was not happy at being duped. Quick action ascertained within hours that there were no complaints against Sinclaire, nor was any police force investigating her for any reason whatsoever. The story got nowhere.

But now a new dimension can be added to this rather sordid little man's tale. Ison was allegedly on Paul Nuttall's payroll.

The odious Paul Nuttall

The dates between which he was employed by Nuttall are uncertain, but this suggests that the UKIP hierarchy was not only party to criminal activity, in that an official received stolen information, but that it possibly sanctioned and even paid for it.

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Greg_L-W. said...


this is clearly as I understood the matter at the time and it was on the basis of this vile behaviour that I set up a blog exposing what an odious little creep John Ison was and clearly is.

The more I read about Ison the more it became apparent he was about as trustworthy as a rattle snake and had even boaster of having stolen material and set up Nikki Sinclaire.

It is understood that he took these actions in collusion with senior members of UKIP and the odious little parasite Mark croucher who has many times lied about individuals for his personal gain.

The blog was:

The matter of when and whether to prosecute would seem to lie in the hands of Steve Morson with regard to the defamatory textx, eMails and comments Ison has made about him or perhaps Nikki Sinclaire for the apparent theft and breech of contract.

It may be apposite, since senior members of UKIP were clearly involved and Ison would seem to have been promised a leading role, relative to his abilities, with UKIP and a position as an MEP candidate - perhaps the whole case will be added into the probable case against UKIP Leadership that Nikki Sinclaire had taken and obtained a guilty verdict against UKIP and certain of its seniour executive.

That case has, by Sinclaire's generosity been put into abeisance so that UKIP Leadership can provide the suitable apologies, ammends, reinstatement and guarantees to suit Nikki Sinclaire - but UKIP leadership seem to be proving as inept at negotiating this 10 months on as all else they seem to touch!

A High Court action seems increasingly likely and there is every possibility, I would have thought, that John Ison will be a co-defendant with UKIP and others and clearly since UKIP have apologised for their behaviour in return for Sinclaire suspending the original guilty verdict against them it seems there is little doubt she would win the case.

Settlement could easily run into 7 figures for UKIP including obvious damages and also they would be then liable for both party's costs etc.

UKIP is on very dangerous ground and doing little to save the party members a great deal of money - a first step would of course be to contractually distance themselves from John Ison no and in the future - It would at least indicate they MIGHT be interested i honesty and a negotiated settlement!

Junius I believe your comments to be fundamentally accurate and a visit by your readers to the John Ison blog as above may help fill in some of the holes for them!