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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nikki Sinclaire MEP challenges David Cameron to give the British people a Referendum on the EU

From Nikki's blog:

I had the opportunity to challenge the Prime Minister to give us a referendum on our membership of the European Union. As ever he was evasive but acknowledged the 100,000 petition that was delivered by me and other MEPs and Mp's.

more later.

To read the original: LINK

Thanks to Nikki's petition, MPs will now have to debate the issue in Parliament before Christmas. See: LINK

More from Nikki's blog:

Nikki wants a referendum so everybody has a chance to register their say on whether we should be a part of the European Union, and the West Midlands has contributed over half of the 100,000 signature total.

Anyone under the age of 54 has never had the chance to speak about this issue, which Nikki believes is a breach of our democratic principles. The last time the UK held a referendum on the Common Market, as it was known then, was in 1975 – and even this was retrospective. Despite the fact that this campaign could leave Ms Sinclaire without a job, Nikki is passionate that people be given a voice in deciding whether it is right that:

· The UK contributes £48 million per day to the EU
· 75% of UK laws are decided by the EU yet the UK only has 72 MEPs in the Parliament out of a total of 736 MEPs
· Each day we buy £5 million more from EU countries than they buy from us.

Commenting on her “Have Your Say” campaign, Nikki Sinclaire said,
“European Law is rarely conducive or indeed relevant to British industry or infrastructure. The EU takes almost £50 million a day of our money for the privilege of belonging - money better spent in this country, where we need it most - on our hospitals, on our schools and in supporting our pensioners. When will the political elite realise that Britain cannot afford to remain in this Parliament?”

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