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Thursday, 13 October 2011

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom's 'Swinton' meeting draws in the crowds!

On October 6th, Godfrey Bloom attended a meeting in London of the breakaway BNP faction of the Swinton Circle. He had been invited by Allan Robertson, who was expelled from the Swinton Circle after he had facilitated the infiltration of the group by BNP activists, including convicted fraudster and wannabe arms dealer Gregory Lauder Frost and the late unlamented Mike 'Scruffy' Smith, believed to be a close associate of Nigel Farage. Robertson continues to hold occasional meetings under the name of the Swinton Circle, along with gay rights activist and Ulster Loyalist Christopher Luke.

The meeting was not well attended - there were just 10 people in the room including Robertson and Bloom.

For more on Bloom: LINK & LINK & LINK


Anthony Johnson (London) said...

Another great article from Alan 'Sexy' Harvey

Intersting that Harvey chooses to denounce Lauder-Frost for fraud considering the reason Harvey was expelled from the NF in the early '90s and also the reason Harvey broke up with NF organiser Brendan Willmer in South Africa in the early '80s.

Harvey picks on Christopher Luke's sexuality yet Harvey had no problems with it while he himself was a member of the Swinton Circle. Nor did Harvey have problems with other homosexuals he was previously closely linked with such as the above mentioned Willmer, holocaust denier David McCalden, US nazi Richard Barrett, not does Harvey have a problem with the sexuality of his close associate John Pope de Locksley. As Stonewall might say 'some of Harvey's fascist friends are gay, get over it!'.

Greg_L-W. said...


one wonders if anything Anthony Johnson has to say is valid nwhen one is aware he is falselyn attributing the article - no doubt to grind his own axe at the cost of veracity.

That The Swinton Circle is divided, divisive and dubious is hardly news.

It was The Swinton Circle that gave a platform to Tom Wise when it was well known that he was corrupt, venal and facing charges for well established fraud to the expense of the public purse and the reputation of UKIP and The EUroSceptic Movement.

Interestingly The Swinton Circle also provided a platform for Nigel Farage, Lindsey Jenkins and various individuals seen as extreme.

What Anthony Johnson's opinion of Alan Harvey,s assumed reaction to various homosexuals and also various seemingly unsavoury individuals it can only be seen as suspect particularly in the light of Anthony Johnson;s assumptive GUESS at who wrote the article for Junius - why would one assume someone who is a single issue author as Anthony Johnson seems to assume would write for the Junius team?

I feel the concept is far too tunnel visioned for it to be other than a Junius report by Junius.

The assumptive position of Anthony Johnson leads me to believe he may well have nmade further assumptions equally as questionable.


Alan Harvey said...

Greg L-W is completely correct in his assumption that I did NOT write this article (had I done so I would have referred to Gregory Frauder-Lost, not Lauder Frost!).

I don't know who this character Anthony Johnson is and have never knowingly met anyone by this name - so how he can claim to know so much about me is a mystery. His knowledge of me is very bad however, as he has made a number of factal errors, namely :-

1) I was never expelled from the National Front, nor was a member as late as the '90s (I was briefly and naively a member during my youth from October 1974 until December 1975, when I RESIGNED - was NOT expelled - from the party after I became convinced that an overtly fascist faction were taking over the organisation).

2) To the best of my knowledge the late Dave McCalden was not a homosexual. He was married twice, the second marriage producing a child. Incidentally, he evidently denounced all the holocaust-denying nonsense which he got involved with shortly before his death was announced in 1990.

3) I do not know and have had no personal contact with any American named Richard Barrett. This bizarre claim has be made about me previously, and is based purely upon a couple of unsolicited e-mail exchanges which I had with a nutter of this name over a decade ago!

4) If by John Pope de Locksley this Johnson character is referring to Mr. John Pope, then yes, he is a close associate of mine. He is certainly somewhat eccentric, but equally certainly he is not queer. (Incidentally, Chris Luke clearly has a chromosonic disorder which makes him a hermaphrodite in the strictest sense of he word. He cannot be regarded as queer therefore, but deserves full sympathy and understanding. I have no issue with him therefore.)

Anthony Johnson (London) said...

It's a matter of public record that Alan Harvey teamed up with Richard Barrett via the National Front AGM in 1989, so Harvey's claims that he had no later involvement with the NF nor any involvement with Barrett is blatantly untrue. Harvey remained a sometime 'overseas correspondent' for Barretts' white supremacist Nationalist Movement 'All The Way' newsletter until the early part of this century when they apparently fell out over Harvey's support for the war against the Iraqis.

So John Russell Pope or whatever he is called has changed his name, does that mean he no longer believes he is the king of Sherwood Forest or whatever it was? Pope was arrested in the 70s for offences with a young man. Thanks to gay right activists we live in more enlightened times and people like Pope are no longer criminalized - though saying that wasn't Pope (a Satanist) criminalized for desecrating cemeteries?

There is no evidence that McCalden renounced his holocaust denial views. It may be that you - a nobody - can claim to have changed their views, but it would be newsworthy if one of the world's most famous holocaust deniers had changed his views.

Considering your comments under 4) do you regard Nikki Sinclaire as 'queer'? Does she deserve 'full sympathy and understanding'?

Alan Harvey said...

The bizarre assertion by "Anthony Johnstone" that I somehow had any connection with this obscure character named Richard Barrett via the "National Front AGM in 1989" is a lia, lie, LIE! If it wasn't for the fact that this is such an obscure and irrelevant point then I would sue this equally obscure Johnstone lunatic for libel. I do not know this Barrett nutter and have never "teamed up" with him or became his "overseas correspondent". I do not know him, and apart from a few unsolicited e-mail correspondences over a decade ago have never had any contact with this nonentity. Mr. Johnstone, YOU ARE DERANGED!

As to the other points, if he could assertain your true identity Mr. Pope would undoubtedly be suing you for libel. I was informed by a mutual colleague that Dave McCalden had renounced all that holocaust-denial nonsense shortly before his death, and have no reason to disbelieve this. I disapprove of Nikki Sinclair's sexual morals - but I admire her energy and activism for the anti-EU cause, and to me this is vastly more important.

Alan Harvey said...

The subject of this thread, I thought, was Godfrey Bloom's links to an expelled faction from the Swinton Circle - NOT about me! So why therefore is this creep Johnson (if that is his real name) using this thread to spread smears and lies about John Pope and me - people who he doesn't even know! Quite clearly this Johnson character has serious psychiatric problems.


Alan throwing his rattle from his pram again!

Alan Harvey said...

"Nappyrash" is a pseudonym used by the former Swinton Circle organiser Allan Robertson who was expelled from the organisation in early 2009 following his involvement with an unsuccessful coup attempt to take over the Swinton Circle by a group of known neo-fascists. It is there Robertson who is throwing his rattle out of the pram!