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Friday, 14 October 2011

UKIP: Christine Hamilton to stand as MEP?

Christine Hamilton is, as anybody who has met her will attest, a charming lady. But UKIP members in the South West are not too happy with her at the moment - having had disgraced former Tory Neil Hamilton forced on them, possibly to head the party list in the region in 2014, there are now rumours that Mrs Hamilton will also be standing, probably occupying the slot below him.

Mrs Hamilton has a knack of spending her time with 'colourful' characters. As Christine Holman she was PA to the delightful Gerald Nabarro. Nabarro was never one to pull his punches, and in 1963 during a debate on immigration he asked the question "How would you feel if your daughter wanted to marry a big buck nigger with the prospect of coffee-coloured grandchildren?". In 1971 Nabarro was charged with a serious driving offence, but was acquitted after claiming that his secretary had been driving his car. Neither press nor the public bought the story, however, and his career was ended by the scandal. Chris Huhne take note.

Subsequently, Christine went to work for Micheal Grylls, an MP who was to provide her with a taste of things to come when he was accused of misleading parliament over payments he had taken to introduce commercial clients to senior politicians. The money was taken from the company of Ian Greer, which was to be the catalyst for the fall from grace of Neil Hamilton.

She has also been associated with Harvey Proctor, who infamously was exposed for holding 'spanking sessions' with teenage male prostitutes.

After marrying Neil Hamilton, the couple acquired the collective nickname of 'Mr & Mrs Cash n Carry'. On one occasion they stayed at the Ritz hotel courtesy of Mohammed Fayed, where they once ran up a bill of over £2000 on 'extras' alone.

Junius has touched previously upon the charges faced by the Hamiltons, and the whole ghastly mess need not be discussed in detail again. But given that Neil Hamilton lost his seat to Martin Bell after being exposed in the cash for questions scandal, it is worth leaving the last words to his wife Christine. "If he's corrupt, I'm corrupt", she famously said. Good luck UKIP SW.

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Greg_L-W. said...


when UKIP desperately require some evidence of responsibility and gravitas it can hardly be seen as wise to have attracted and them greatly lauded two Tory rejects known as figures of fun!

Similarly when UKIP arew seen as lacking in probity and transparency and are seen to be financially incontinent it does seem unwise to make much of attracting two Tory rejects who were perceived to be corrupt!

Unless of course UKIP is seeking 'more of the same'.

It is understandable that UKIP can attract no one of stature but with its performers featrured as leaders and no signs of OQ anywhere near the top and behaviour that would be seen as little more than childish even in a Sargeants Mess in The Gunners!

One wonders if UKIP will ever be seen as a safe pair of hands by any G.O.C.