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Monday, 17 October 2011

UKIP: Farage and that Peruvian cat

We note that some UKIPPERS, including Farage, are rather pleased that Theresa May, during a Tory conference, 'borrowed' a few lines from one of Nigel's speeches. It concerned a Bolivian immigrant who, it was claimed, could not be deported because of his cat. May's 'theft' of the story is being cited by Farage's useful idiots as an example of how the Tories are nicking UKIP's ideas and peddling them as their own.

But we are far more interested in Farage's original version of the story as told by him during a meeting in Eastleigh, Kent. He claimed that the immigrant was a cat owning Peruvian guilty of manslaughter! A quick check of the facts reveals that Nigel 'I'm not making this up' Farage was lying. The immigrant, apart from overstaying his visa, was a law abiding citizen from Bolivia. The only accurate part of Farage's story was the fact that the man owned a cat! And he didn't escape deportation because of the cat!

How can anyone still believe a word that Farage says? He is nothing more than a lying, corrupt spiv.

Here are the relevant extracts (lies) from the two speeches.....

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Greg_L-W. said...


I understand that the rumour that Farage had at least one pair of Teresa May 'Kitten Slippers' was merely a jest.

However I do understand tyhat members of his paid praise club intimately known to him are able to provide stolen Tory Party MP's Blackberries subsequent to drunken frolics in their flats.

The value put on House of Commons passes and private correspondence similarly stolen is not known, nor of much interest to me, Merely the general lack of ethical behaviour or diligent hard work by highly paid individuals funded from the public purse!

It seems of little wonder that UKIP are seen as unreliable and unsound - largely due to a total lack of an Officer Corp and the rewarding of gutter antics and those involved.