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Monday, 24 October 2011

The EU Commons Debate: Nikki Sinclaire Press Release

Ms Sinclaire MEP with supporting MP’s will be in Downing Street at 10.30am delivering the remainder of petition forms to the Prime Minister.

The Campaign vehicle largely responsible will be located fro 11am to 7pm at Old Palace Yard opposite the Houses of Parliament.


Sunday 23rd October 2011


The founder and coordinator of the 100,000 petition handed in to Downing street last month triggering off the process that has given the debate has criticized the main political parties for treating the petitioners and the electorate with contempt.

Independent MEP Nikki Sinclaire set up the cross party initiative ‘Campaign for a Referendum’ to give a say to the ordinary people sick and tired of the constant arguing on Brittan’s membership of the EU. The Campaign has been supported by many MPs from across the political spectrum.

Ms Sinclaire feels a strong responsibility for those who signed the petition saying “We submitted 100,000 voices to Downing Street and as the ‘Guardian’ of those people I feel the need to speak up for them”

The majority of the signatures were collected by Ms Sinclaire’s campaign bus that went town to town, city to city and canvassed huge support.

Ms Sinclaire says “The signatures were given in good faith by people who wanted to establish for once and for all the UK’s membership of the EU. We would have stuck by the verdict of the people, but the politicians don’t trust democracy any more. They won’t allow us to have our say. We’ve forced them to have the debate, but they have imposed whips. This shows complete contempt for the people who gave them their positions.”

Nikki is urging all MP’s of whatever political persuasion to defy the whips and vote for what the people who put them into power want.

Recent YouGov polls show an overwhelming majority of the electorate want a referendum with 52% would vote to leave and only 30% would vote to remain in the EU.

Nikki, an independent MEP, added: "Clearly the people of Britain want to decide who governs Britain. It must be alarming to the government that despite all their assurances on sovereignty and cast iron promises, more and more people have given up on this European project. This argument has gone on far too long, we must decide our course once and for all in a binding referendum"

Ms Sinclaire will deliver the remainder of the petition forms to Downing Street tomorrow morning at 10.30 am with supporting MPs making the total submitted in excess of 120,000.


Note to Editors.

The Campaign website is http://www.haveyoursay.eu/

The Campaign vehicle that collected the signatures will be situated to Old palace yard opposite the Houses of Parliament from 11am to 7pm tomorrow Monday 24th October

NIKKI SINCLAIRE and supporters will be on College Green, Westminster on Monday, 24th October. NIKKI is available for interview on 23rd, 24th and 25th.

For further information Nikki Sinclaire MEP can be contacted at: 0794 146 1255

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