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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Bob Feal-Martinez banned from posting on Junius blog

On 16th February I asked Bob Feal-Martinez to give me an assurance that he would not continue to post certain allegations against Paul Wesson and Greg Lance-Watkins.

I regret to say that he has failed to give me any such assurance. Because of this I have decided to ban him from posting comments on this blog. The ban started on 16th February and will last for 30 days.


EU Election Blog said...

Good for you. The man is obviously a latter day Joseph Goebels, minus the brain. I wonder if he has a limp!

Junius said...

I see that he is now back on the Forum promoting the Farage line!

Or should I say trying to promote the Farage line!

Greg L-W. said...


I gather The BFM. having been prevented from telling lies on this Blog, he is now telling lies about Junius on one of The Forums - he is an odious and dishonourable little chap.

He is even making a fool of himself pretending that the Faragista Fan Club trust him and he knows who Junius is.

I note for all his cowardly lies and clamouring he monitors posters on his YouTube and Blog - so nothing can be trusted there then, as he clearly only publishes material that he agrees with lies and blocks debate.

I have offered to meet with him and help him with the truth but he is too much of a coward.

Paul Wesson even offered to hold his hand in case I was unkind to him, but still he is too cowardly to face the truth.

It is sad to see EUkip sink to such levels that they would permit such an odious coward to present himself as a PPC even in an area where he stands no chance!

Such a shame they have so betrayed us all. As activists and supporters of UKIP we had such great hopes for UKIP until it crashed off the rails in a series of scandals, lies, infighting, dishonesty, corruption and missing money.

There is very little chance left for decent, honest supporters of UKIP with principle wresting it back from liars, cheats, bullies and racists who have so debased it as EUkip.

UKIP supporters that are left seem only to have one duty left and that is to ensure the corrupt and dishonest rump masquerading as EUkip are destroyed so that no one can stuff their pockets in the EU in the pretence of representing these United Kingdoms.

Since there is clearly no honourable Political Party campaigning to get Britain out of the EU may I suggest treat the election in June as a referendum and write on your ballott paper:


Put it at the end of your Blogs, eMails, letters and on your envelopes.


Don't vote for a Party or an individual - jook how they betrayed us last time.

100s of 1,000s LENT UKIP their vote last time and EUkip betrayed them NEVER AGAIN LEND YOUR VOTE.

Write on your Ballot Paper:


Greg L-W.