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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Douglas Denny loses the plot

As you can imagine Mr Denny and Mr Arnott were none too pleased when their emails were placed on the internet.

You will recall that Mr Denny had accused Michael Zuckerman of incompetence and feebleness after allowing Niall Warry to renew his membership. Rather bravely Denny had gone on to say that “I don't mind saying that because I would happily say so his face (I would not say anything about someone behind their back that I would not be willing to say to their face)”.

Unfortunately Mr Denny’s words came back to haunt him when he found out that Zuckerman had read the email. In desperation he quickly sent a grovelling apology to Zuckerman in the hope that all would be forgiven and forgotten.

I can now report that Mr Denny has called in the Police after alleging that his computer had been hacked into. For some strange reason Dippy Denny is convinced that he is of such national importance that MI5 is watching his every move. Unfortunately the leaking of his email to Greg Lance-Watkins has reinforced this delusion.

I hate to deflate Denny’s ego but I can assure him that MI5 would not EVEN consider wasting one minute of their time monitoring one of UKIP’s most insignificant, self-obsessed, idiotic members.

Mr Denny should realise that UKIP has now become totally insignificant. Every year our membership has fallen. Every year our national share of the vote has dropped. In local elections we are beaten by the BNP. In many elections we can’t even find candidates willing to face the humiliation of coming last. Every single gain made in 2004 has been thrown away thanks to Farage’s incompetence and stupidity. UKIP is now a national laughing stock. We have now become such an irrelevance that even the newspapers are not interested in the numerous UKIP scandals that have emerged over the last year.

And yet despite this Denny is still convinced that both he and UKIP are of such national importance that MI5 is prepared to watch their every move!

Denny, if you had any brains you would be dangerous!


Eric Edmond said...

I completely agree with you Junius. The idea that MI5 would waste their time hacking into the computer of a complete nonentity is lunatic. Denny is barking.

Junius said...