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Friday, 13 February 2009

Martin Haslam: Another Farage instigated witch-hunt

Steve Harris - a Farage sycophant - has been trying to persuade members to sign a letter of complaint against Martin Haslam. He hopes to use this complaint as an excuse to get Martin suspended as a party member. Ultimately he hopes to get him thrown out of UKIP.

I am pleased to say that Mr Harris has so far failed to get support for this particular Farage instigated witch-hunt. Several members have already refused to sign his letter of complaint.

His ‘complaint’ concerns a dinner organised by UKIP’s Arundel and South Downs Branch. The dinner took place on 15th January. Martin Haslam was a guest. Nick Griffin was also there. Mr Haslam was unaware that Mr Griffin would be there.

Despite this Mr Harris is desperately trying to suggest a sinister BNP/ Haslam plot to undermine UKIP.

The despicable witch-hunt clearly illustrates just how low Farage’s sycophants will stoop in order to attack an honest man.

Martin Haslam is a man of integrity. He has donated thousands of pounds to UKIP and even helped pay Marta Andreasen’s wages. I have yet to meet anyone - apart from the Farage cabal - who has a nasty word to say about him.

Farage repaid Martin’s patriotism by getting a pro-EU/anti-UKIP newspaper to phone Martin and question him about UKIP’s MEPs.

Farage did this after Martin had asked him some VERY awkward questions about UKIP’s finances.

At Martin’s last NEC meeting in November Farage proudly announced that he had approached The Independent in order to test Martin’s loyalty. He had failed his ‘test’ and was therefore not worthy to remain on the NEC. He was then thrown off.

Nigel, you make Joseph Stalin look almost human!

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