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Members & staff of UKIP past & present. Committed to reforming the party by exposing the corruption and dishonesty that lies at its heart, in the hope of making it fit for purpose. Only by removing Nigel Farage and his sycophants on the NEC can we save UKIP from electoral oblivion. SEE: http://juniusonukip.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/a-statement-re-junius.html

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Nigel, Bob and Gary too ........

Bob Feal-Martinez is STILL claiming that I am about to be caught by Farage’s mighty storm troopers. As Bob has been threatening this for several months many people are starting to get rather bored. SponPlague - a British Democracy Forum regular - echoed the feelings of many when he said “Yes, but you've been predicting their unmasking for months Bob, which stretches the term "soon" to breaking point”.

On the British Democracy Forum ’Junius Blog’ thread Bob has said “As for junius their identities are known”.

Please do tell us Bob! I am sure that we would all love to know who I am supposed to be!

I was also highly amused to see Nigel Farage smugly telling his sycophants in Brussels that Gary Cartwright is Junius.

All UKIPPERS have now been warned NOT to talk to Mr Cartwright on pain of death! Sorry Gary, I had no intention of wrecking your social life!

Oh Nigel! What a fool you are! If you had an ounce of grey matter beneath those rapidly greying hairs you would have guessed my identity long ago! Remember that conversation in your favourite Brussels bar ? Still not warm? Incidentally what were you doing with a soon-to-be Libertas candidate in Brussels yesterday morning? You seemed very cosy together! Don’t tell me you are STILL after that £6 million? Or are you planning to jump ship?


Tom H said...

lol, keep up the good work!

Junius said...

Thank you. I do my best!