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Monday, 9 February 2009

Michael McGough: Still a liar, still a fool.

Michael 'Wolfman’ McGough ( pictured above) is still refusing to apologise for making a false statement in his MEP election address. In this address he described himself as the PPC for Harlow. It was quickly pointed out to him by the UKIP chairman for Harlow that this was untrue.

Piers Merchant - UKIP’s Returning Officer - also raised concerns about this. In his report on the MEP selection process he said: ‘I have received complaints about Michael McGough, who, it was claimed, described himself as a UKIP PPC when he was not, thus seriously misleading the voters’. Predictably the NEC ignored Mr Merchant and his report.

In any other party McGough would have been removed from the MEP list and brought before a disciplinary committee for bringing the party into disrepute. But as this is UKIP you can get away with almost anything as long as you are prepared to condone leadership corruption.

McGough now holds his fellow UKIP members in such contempt that he even jokes about his lies. Indeed, on the British Democracy Forum he has openly mocked fellow members who have demanded that he apologise for his gross misconduct.

I am surprised that Michael ‘Wolfman’ McGough did not put his name forward for the NEC. As the current NEC is full of liars, sycophants and fools McGough would feel quite at home!


Bob Feal-martinez said...

Leaving out vital bits again, like the fact that the truth is different to your lies.

Junius said...

So Piers Merchant lied in his report? So Mr McGough is the PPC for Harlow? Is that what you are really saying?

I suggest that you speak to Mr Merchant and the Chairman for Harlow who, I am sure, will confirm the truth of the matter.

I find it extremely amusing that Bob attacks me for supposedly lying.

Bob has apparently forgotten that he was banned from the British Democracy Forum for posting lies about one of the moderators. Pot calling the kettle black Bob?

Bob, I know that long words confuse you so I will keep it VERY simple.

I deal in truth. I am dedicated to exposing Farage, Nuttall and NEC corruption and dishonesty. You, on the other hand, are content to collude in that corruption and dishonesty.

What DOES that say about you? As an ex-policeman you should be ashamed of yourself.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

You deal in truth so lets have the truth, how many were at the Swindon meeting, 63/50/40 30, lets have your figure because it seems those present are mightily confused.

Who mentioned Piers Merchant's report. The reasons behind why it appeared Michael had written what he did are known to me. I am satisfied that they are the truth.

I posted no lies about the Moderator as he well knows, what I did was give a 'professional' opinion based on the circumstances he himself had posted. He objected to that and implied it to be libel to satisfy his desire for the second time to ban me. This all stems from his failure to secure a PPC place in his UKIP branch.

As for your desire to root expose corruption, is it morally right not to have the courage to expose this openly, or is your salary more important. You are a two faced individual who is a coward. I have exposed wrong doing all my life, being open and transparent about it. I have missed out on promotion as a policeman because of it. So don't preach to me about corruption and honesty. You do not know the meaning of the words

Junius said...

Bob, Can you write in plain English?

I don't do gobbledegook.

Greg L-W. said...


having known Paul Wesson for MANY years and knowing exactly who posts as Junius - I am in the fortunate position to know for absolutely certain that Bob Feal-Martinez is in this instance on all counts WRONG.

It matters not howmany people attended a meeting on one of the worste travelling days for many years, that the meeting was decent, polite and orderly without the lies of EUkip, the bullying and the spin.

A meeting based not on spin and smearing decent honest people - what a pleasure.

You are WRONG on your disembling regarding your undeniable libel of Paul Wesson who served his country for many years putting his life on the line as an RAF Officer.

You sir with you endless distortions and misleading claims are proven beneath contempt.

You pretend to competence but show none.

You pretend to knowledge but display none.

You display ill manners, uncalled for abuse and endless bragadocio to cover for you repeatedly displayed idiocy.

Again and again you attack people without a sound fact to back you - the action of a fool or a gullible child.

Again and again it is possible to provide a sourced and factual accurate line by line eviceration of your nonsense.

You even quote a 'professional' opinion - pray do you have the authorisation to quote this 'professional' if so do identify them if not you are in no position to claim to have such an opinion.

This is so symptomatic of the fundamental dishonesty of your postings.

Like a child you hurl stones and break glass but without fail run away - a coward as ever.

You have lied and distorted material you have no serious command of and expose yourself as a sordid, unpleasant, irrational fool.

Your attacks on Junius, myself, Dr. Edmond and many others are merely cowardly name calling of a little chappie who like a child has the backing of an adult and will take on the world!

I have known Nigel Farage for a dozen years and I know more of him than you will ever know, both his faults, his achievements and his failures.

Your foolish comments about EUkip and about Farage are ill informed, propagandist, idiotic and soooooo hook line and stinker propaganda that someone who can be so naiive is staggering.

Why you set out to add to Farage & EUkip's problems by providing occasion after occasion to show the ill manners, aggression and abuse that can be expected from a Faragista Fan Club member astonishingly a PPC yet with little or no knowledge of civilised behaviour or fundamental reasoning!

By all means keep peddling the lies you are fed - you are greatly assisting in exposing the institutionalised dishonesty that abounds amongst the Faragista Fan Club, which has reached such a low ebb that NO ONE expects their corruption in centralising control and setting up a company for their personal protection to anything but meet with the required votes.

EUkip has a long track record of dishonest and corrupt votes. Only the ignorant believe them.

I have no desire to have to expose you for the charlatan you most clearly are, that is your misfortune. Do cease and desist from your tiresome dishonesty and distortions.

IF a single material fact I have put on my Blog is wrong your puppet master will be pleased to be made aware of it and will I am sure take the action he deems appropriate - clearly he would take legal action as EUkip is well conversant with the law having paid many thousands in its defence.

I am happy to source my every statement as a fact where material in any Court of Law you or your handlers may choose.

I have absolutely no desire to mislead, nor dishonestly misrepresent a single fact.

To remind you of the facts you recently stridently denounced:

I stated that Tom Wise had been exposed as having committed fraud - you loudly proclaimed he had not.

You claimed he was not under investigation by the Police I established he was.

I stated he was under investigation by OLAF you shrieked 'lies' - I stated I had provided documentary proof to the Police - you denounced it.

I stated Tom Wise would be arrested you said you were an expert with a certificate and I was talking nonsense.

It was even claimed when the police visited Chepstow after they had asked to meet me that I was under investigation and would be charged with wasting police time!

Tom Wise spent £8,000 on solicitors trying to silence the truth, regularly disembling about me his assistant in the crime even went so far as to unwisely defame me in written form libelously.

At what stage do you admit you were wrong on every single count.

Tom Wise was arrested - as I recal 24th-June or July last year.

Tom Wise is still under arrest and his bail term has been extended!

Which small fraction of the 100% Fact I have published do you not understand?

Will youi be man enough to appologise for the abuse and lies you have published about me or will you shamefully issue some weedling attack to try to detract from your unarguable and proven dishonesty?

Let us consider your posturing and lies about Jeffrey Titford - I have stated that Jeffrey Titford is under investigation by the British police yet you swallow the lies of Titford when he claims he isn't.

It is irrefutable that my statement was accurate despite your foolish posturings. That on one of the 3 investigations of which I am aware I gather he has been told no further action will be taken - YES I have seen the Police letter - what Titford failed to tell you knowing you would make a fool of yourself - Titford did NOT tell you of the other investigations.

Neither did Titford admit he was under investigation by OLAF based on a British Police file that has been passed to them by The British Police as the Police consider the matter sufficiently consequential as to wish for help from OLAF.

Titford & Ma Zucherman are both liars and the documentary proof will be put to the Courts shortly.

I appreciate your comments are no doubt made in a naiive belief that you are right - I even offered to sit with you and go through every detail with you fact by fact but too obdurate to consider you may be wrong and may have been made a fool of and used by your new best friends you declined.

Your refusal to investigate both sides of a coin marks you for the fool you clearly are.

May I suggest you seek out an honest broker and arrange a meeting and I will TRY to answer ALL your questions and provide the factual background to my every statement and its provenance.

You crow of having exposed corruption yet will not look in your own shaving mirror - I hope I am right in saying you are foolish NOT criminally and endemicly dishonest by design.

Until you have had the fundamental common sense to have the meeting and consider the facts may I suggest your silence would be apposite as clearly you are so biased as not to establish the facts.

'Audi alteram partem'.

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

'having known Paul Wesson for MANY years and knowing exactly who posts as Junius - I am in the fortunate position to know for absolutely certain that Bob Feal-Martinez is in this instance on all counts WRONG.'

Interesting I seem to recall on more than one occasion that PW has stated he has no contact or connection to GLW, how interesting that GLW states differently.
GLW's reference to junius also makes no sense, where did I suggest PW was junius.

GLW also talks about the content of the meeting but he wasn't there, those that were tell a different story of a consistent theme of slagging off the leadership and party.

I have already posted on the EE blog that his personal friends in the SW are growing tired of his actions and have told him so

It also matters a great deal how many were present. We have been constantly told on the BDF and elsewhere that there is a large ground swell of dissent towards the leadership. If that had been the case and given Swindon is surrounded by quite a few local branches with several thousand members, and given that the actual local road network on Saturday was not that bad, one would have expected more to attend, if the meeting had been widely circulated as claimed, but we know that was a fallacy and 'adverts' only appeared after I exposed it on the BDF and then got banned.

Junius said...

Don't use too many words Greg. Bob gets confused.

Greg L-W. said...

Bob Feel Martinis:

A mouth unfettered by brain!

You will notice this cowardly little chap runs away shouting rude words like a small boy when confronted with irrefutable incontravertible fact showing him to be the fool that he clearly is.

He picks on one minor detail that he can manage to get his head around and then misinterprets it to distract from the facts that show his dishonesty. again and again and again.

A duplicitous, deceitfull coward.
The BFM is just a usefull idiot being used by corrupt members of EUkip as he is too stupid to establish the facts and too cowardly to attend a meeting.

A fatuous keyboard warrior who brings shame on UKIP and its principles in his posturing dishonourably for EUkip and corruption.

Greg L-W.