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Thursday, 12 February 2009

David Cameron says thank you to Nigel Farage

Two days ago I was approached by a Tory MEP who asked me to pass on a message from David Cameron to Nigel Farage. Intrigued by what he had to say I readily agreed.

Here is the message:

“David wants to thank Nigel for almost single-handily wrecking UKIP since he became leader. In fact David is so pleased he may even recommend Nigel for a CBE next year. Can you persuade Nigel to stay on until at least June 4th. That way we can be assured of victory in the Euros”.

End of quote.

I know that Gawain Towler monitors the contents of this blog and will be rushing off to tell Nigel within minutes of reading this.

So job done!


Bob Feal-martinez said...

Nice to see junius living in the land of the fairies. I guess being too close to GLW does rather make you inherit his traits, as poor old Niall Major Ret'd Warry is experiencing

Junius said...

Poor old Bob. The strain of being banned from the Forum is clearly taking its toll. But that's what you get for being a fool!

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Who's the fool, someone who's deluded that he was asked to be Cameron's messenger or someone who highlights it.

Greg L-W. said...


here is a measure of The BFM - a coward and a bully being used like the village idiot by the unscrupulous:

Greg L-W. said...

The BFM said in italics:

his blog seems to have a habit of getting out of chronological order who knows when he posted.

Do pray tell me where this has occured, as you will note not only are my Postings dated and timed they are also numbered, I fear yet again you are misytaken.

You so frequently make a total fool of yourself repeating comments by those who use you.

The fact that I do not visit his site because I can see his stuff copied here and comment on it,

It is indeed fortunate that Junius has a style you are more able to understand - it matters not where you obtain the truth it is merely important that you do - even if you do fail to comprehend most of it, which you make most clear by your idiotic comments and the fact that when confronted with fact or line by line exposure of your dishonesty you just run away - again and again and again - like a small naughty child shouting rude names as you run off.

unlike his cowardly way of switching off the comments section, then I didn't see it.

No the comments are switched off because frankly I don't give a damn for the opinions of idiots or the posturing of liars or the cowardice of the anonimous.

You will note my cowardice runs to posting my full name, full address, full telephone number and full contact details.

My cowardice runs to offering to meet ANYONE who wishes to discuss the facts I publish.

My cowardice runs to offering to attend any suitable public meeting.

Yet your cowardice ran to telling lies about when I phoned confidentially to warn you of a possible danger to you - a call I made to someone I had never heard of to warn them of a dishonesty they were publishing.

You had no need to take the comment on board but egregious piece of filth that you are you not only broke that trust but lied about it for your own sad aggrandisement - just as that other piece of Faragista filth McGough who asked for details of Lee on a public forum and when I phoned him stating the call was confidential if he wished - which he stated he did - he dishonourably lied about it for his own agrandisement.

Ask Nigel Farage IN PUBLIC in my presence if I have EVER broken a trust that he knows of, ask him if I have EVER wittingly lied about him.

Identify a single solitary material fact in my published blogs that you believe is untrue.

Rent The Railway Museun and call a mmeting with a mutually acceptable time and chairman and ensure an audience of not less than 30 and I will be only too happy to lay to rest every single lie that you and others have told about me.

Or are you too clearly a coward.

I well remember when you claimed you had watched the video of me andd stated that I was obviously BNP, just what an idiot you made of yourself to all who know me, know anything about me or had watched the video.

Similarly Croucher, McGough and others with their postulating that I am 'anti semitic' merely displaying how little command they have of facts or the English language - there are postings galore on the internet showing again and again my support for Judaism and the rights of people to believe their respective beliefs and superstitions and the obscenity of Zionism that brings International Jewry into such unwarranted disrepute.

You have displayed an almost 100% track record of dishonesty, stupidity and cowardice being used as a usefull idiot by people who hold you in contempt or they would not keep setting you up to be proved you are a fool.

I note your latest drivel is to claim I am a bankrupt, without one shred of evidience of fact - that is clearly a libel as the simplest of checks will show - yet you are fool enough to libel me.

Will I do anything about your libel - no! You are little more than a care in the communmity case the village idiot sent on errands by a gang of particularly distatefull and venal self seekers.

Put up or shut up little man - organise the meeting and reitterate your lies one by one to my face in a grown up manner.

Greg L-W.

11 February 2009 16:11

Here is the cowardly reply trying to distract and hope it goes away, like a small child covering its eyes:

Bob Feal-martinez said...
Junius, I had no duty at all, after all even Eric has said it wasn't a UKIP meeting.

It was not called by my Branch or any other SW branch and so fell outside my remit as Swindon Chairman.

Running away!

If Eric wishes to attend my AGM as a perspective MEP and explain to my members why he is intent on destroying the South West's chances in the Local and European Elections, and doesn't have the integrity to withdraw from those elections, given his views, then he is of course welcome to do so.

Why would Dr. Edmond wish to associate with you or your little branch, when it is clear you are anti UKIP and its founding principles, support the BNP style of management with dishonest self seeking control by corrupt leadership & NEC.

Why would Dr.Edmond wish to be associated with EUkip when he is a man of unimpeachable probity?

As for the BFM's idiotic comment trying to imply the massage from Cameron is not true - to quote Mandy Rice Davis 'well you would say that wouldn't you'.

Put up or shut up. You behave like a small terrier at a cocktail party endlessly trying to copulate with the guests ankle!

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

You ought to be on the BBC GLW your repeats are almost as legendary as their's.

EU Election Blog said...

I'd love to drug test BobFM. He must be full of dope!

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Trying to boost you blog EU, I note you have the princely sum of 48 visits.