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Monday, 2 February 2009

Dr David Abbott's letter on UKIP’s proposed constitutional changes

You will recall that Dr David Abbott was thrown off the NEC for daring to question Farage’s leadership skills and for demanding an investigation into the corrupt MEP selection process.

Here is his letter on the proposed changes to UKIP's constitution:

Dear UKIP member

Today you have likely received the constitution changes that are proposed by the leadership. These have to approved by two thirds of the voting members to take effect.

A couple of days ago you may have received a letter from Sir Richard Body, Tim Congdon , Roger Knapman, two former treasurers and some NEC members as to why it is vital that these changes are voted down.

We usually think that our leaders know what they are doing and vote as they suggest. Do not do so on this occasion! Please vote NO on all the proposed constitution changes. They are designed to further cement the leader's control over all aspects of our party.

Here is one example of how the new rules could seriously damage the party:

Under both the existing and the proposed constitution the leader appoints the chairman, and the chairman serves at the pleasure of the leader.

Proposed rule change 14.3 will allow the chairman to lodge a complaint against any member. The chairman will always do this if the leader wants him to, his job depends on it. There doesn't have to be any basis for the complaint. For example merely asking questions is counted as 'disruptive behaviour' and can precipitate a complaint, especially if the questions concern the accounts.

Under the new rules the member will then be suspended from all party offices and candidatures, even thought he may subsequently be found to be innocent.

Lets look at one possible example. Trevor Colman was the top MEP candidate chosen by members in the SW, by far. Say he has a false complaint made against him. If the new constitution is in place, he could be removed as lead MEP candidate in the South West. (And probably replaced by a candidate who had never made the mistake of questioning the leader). By the time his disciplinary hearing comes up, the closing date for MEP lists is over...

Hundreds of other scenarios can be thought of, and I won't enumerate them here. All the proposed changes will take power from the members and concentrate it in the hands of the party leader and his appointees. Our leader has learnt a lot from his eight years in the corridors of power in Brussels and Strasbourg.If you believe in democracy, if you want our party to be a beacon of of British decency, a broad church where dissenting opinion is not always snuffed out, the best way to vote on the four constitution changes is NO NO NO NO.

Please do it now while you are thinking about it. And make a note of your 'sequentially numbered ballot' number.

Best wishes

David F Abbott MRCP

Kingsmere Meadow
SO21 2BL
United Kingdom

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