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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Mr and Mrs West versus Farage's UKIP corruption

At 10.00 AM Mr and Mrs West attended Ipswich County Court. They were there to request the return of their £250 MEP deposits. I understand that District Judge Patrick Bazley White has advised Mr & Mrs West to seek further legal advice as the matter could not be dealt with in a Small Claims Court.

It was interesting to see Mark ‘The Very Common Man’ Croucher quickly publishing various accusations against Mr West on his blog . These allegations were also repeated on the British Democracy Forum. Mr Croucher claimed that the judge had accused Mr West of being petty, vindictive and misguided.

Presumably he got these comments from Peter Reeve and Jonathan 'Nice but Dim' Arnott who were there on behalf of UKIP. It will be interesting to see if the Judge’s report contains these comments. If it does not I would suggest that Mr Arnott and Mr Reeve have some explaining to do. I have no doubt that Mr West's version is true as both Reeve and Arnott are well known Farage sycophants and liars.

Please also note that Mr Reeve was reported to the Police for assaulting Mr West at a UKIP meeting.

I see that Mr West contacted the Democracy Forum and made a complaint against Croucher . He said that “ This is a complete fabrication and has no basis in fact. The Judge did not describe me as vindictive, petty or misguided. Nor did he say that it was an abuse of the small claims process. In fact I was advised to seek further legal advice as the matter was beyond the remit of the Small Claims Court".

The thread was removed much to the annoyance of Farage and Croucher. In desperation Croucher repeated the accusations on another thread. That also got snipped.

I now understand that Mr West is to seek a judicial review against UKIP.

I have no doubt Nigel Farage and his hired hacks will continue to attack Mr West in the hope that he will give up. You can expect to see more smears on Croucher’s blog and the Forum in the near future.

I would urge Mr West to continue his battle against UKIP corruption. I can assure him that Farage is extremely worried about this threatened legal action. Just keep up the pressure and Farage will crack! Justice will prevail!

For more information see: http://caterpillarsandbutterflies.blogspot.com/2009/02/302-eukip-in-court-in-ipswitch.htm

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