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Thursday, 5 February 2009

UK Renewal Conference: UKIP's last hope?

I would urge ALL UKIP members to attend the UK Renewal Conference which will be held at the Swindon Railway Museum, Kemble Drive on 7th February. The conference starts at 11.00 AM and finishes at 4.30 PM.

The three promoters of the association are Dr Eric Edmond, Geoffrey Kingscott and Bruce Lawson.

This could be the last chance for UKIP. The Party faces electoral ruin unless Farage, Nuttall and their sycophants are quickly removed.

Speakers include Robin Page, Del Young and Eric Edmond. You can expect some important announcements!

As you can imagine Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall are very worried about this meeting and will - of course - be sending several sycophants to monitor events.

If Nigel had any guts he would attend the meeting himself and face his critics. But of course Farage is much too frightened to do that. He always gets others to do his dirty work. At heart Nigel is very insecure, childish and cowardly. Just ask his relatives!

As the meeting is being held in Swindon perhaps Bob Feal-Martinez (pictured top left) can be persuaded to attend? I would love to see him attempt to lecture the Swindon attendees on the error of their ways!


Eric Edmond said...

Dear Junius,

I hope Bob FM will attend. It is in Swindon after all and we are only charging £5 admission. If you can persuad GLW to attend we would make time to arrange a BFM v GLW live debate. Something for the connoiseurs to savour but It would have to be limited to three 5 minute rounds because of the age of the protagonists.

I however have to point out this is a non-partisan meeting on how to save our country. It is not a UKIP event. UKRENEWAL simply gives people of all parties who want to save their country a platform to air their views, nothing more.

There will be no announcements of any sort from me or any of the organisers.

Eric Edmond

Junius said...

Thank you for the extra information. I hope you have a successful meeting.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Junius said...

The last post by Bob Feal-Martinez was removed due to his allegations of BNP involvement in this meeting.

The BNP were not involved in the running of the meeting nor did any of their members attend.