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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Gawain Towler: The saga continues

You will recall that at a recent South West Committee meeting Gawin Towler was advised to ‘reconsider’ his position in UKIP. It can now be revealed that he faced a vote of no confidence. It was decided by a majority of 2 to 1 to remove him as an MEP candidate.

As you can imaging Nigel was furious when he found out. He quickly called a political committee meeting - Paul Nuttall admitted at the Ugley meeting that this committee keeps no minutes, has no agenda and meets when Farage feels like it. Towler was summoned to London and was asked THREE times by Nigel if there was anything else he should know about the allegations posted on the Towler’s blog. Gawain prevaricated but finally said no. Farage then overturned the decision made by the South West Committee.

Farage’s stupidity is absolutely amazing! He knows that a copy of the original allegation is in the possession of a Tory MEP. Several journalists in Brussels also have a copy and it is rumoured that the BNP have a copy. It is almost certain that these allegations will resurface during the election.

Nigel may hope that this will damage Trevor Colman’s chances of getting elected in the South West.

However, Nigel seems strangely oblivious to the fact that the allegations - if they do resurface - will damage the whole Party and undoubtedly wreck UKIP.

Is Nigel just blinded by hatred of Colman or does he really no longer care what happens to UKIP?

Has Farage adopted the motto ‘After me the deluge’?


EU Election Blog said...

Strange as Fuhrage was railing against centralisation last week on QT.

Junius said...

Unless it happens to be your own party!

Bob Feal-martinez said...

More Jacknonry re Gawain, please enlighten us as to your source because no one else appears to know anything about your claims.

Junius said...

Do you really think I am going to make Farage's life easier by giving you a list of my sources?

Clearly you are more stupid than you look.

Greg L-W. said...


perhaps since his new best friends (only?) have left him out of the loop Malcolm Wood could give him all the sordid details as he seemed well conversant with them and assured he had them straight from Towler who admitted they were true.

Wood who is a founder member of The Faragista Fan Club and behind notable corruption in the breakaway EUkip using many of the BNP tactics of dishonesty, control, bullying and defaming most adroitly gave graphic details to the committee - having tried to claim it was all invented by me!

The man is really an idiot as he must have appreciated there might be some honest folk present and through the Matrix his lies would get back to me and be exposed.

Finally Wood provided most of the sordid details more to absolve himself of his earlier attempt to dishonestly blame me - he was more than adequately graphic to clearly stir Elizabeth's interest in participating.

Just because The BFM knows nothing of something is hardly a measure of its veracity!

Greg L-W.

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