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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Who are you trying to kid, Nigel?

I rocked with laughter after seeing the NEC election results. Does Nigel really expect us to believe such nonsense?

Here are a few facts and a few questions:

1. All the successful candidates are Farage sycophants. Paul Henke did not get elected. He is not a Farage sycophant.

2. In January I said that Nigel Farage had told Wayne Harling that he would be elected to the NEC. How could Nigel have been so sure? See my earlier post on Mr Harling: http://juniusonukip.blogspot.com/2009/01/nec-elections.html

3. The turn out was 41%. In 2008 the turn out was also 41%. It has already been noted on the British Democracy Forum that this is ‘statistically odd’.

As membership is down and moral is low I find this figure very, very suspect.

4. In 2007 George Curtis ( pictured above) only received 289 votes. In 2009 he received 2935 votes!

Mr Curtis is loathed by many Eastern Region members because of his involvement in the corrupt MEP selection process. You will recall that he interviewed ALL the MEP Eastern Region candidates. He has been accused of incompetence, bias, dishonesty and corruption. He has also been accused of sending a threatening letter to John West, a UKIP activist and branch chairman. He fully supported Andrew Smith's attempt to force all Eastern Region Committee members to sign a 'gagging agreement'. Both Curtis and Smith did this in order to deny ordinary members the right to know what is being done in their name. He lied about Robin Page, John West and Christopher Hudson in a report to the NEC. When Robin Page phoned him about these lies Curtis swore at him and slammed down the phone. It should also not be forgotten that the chairman of 20 Eastern Region constituencies said that they had no confidence in the man or his committee. Indeed, they signed a declaration to that affect.

There have been requests for Mr Curtis to be suspended as a member of UKIP. Peter Cole, a UKIP branch chairman, has asked for Curtis to be brought before a disciplinary committee for misconduct. Predictably Paul Nuttall has ignored these requests.

As Chairman of the Eastern Region Committee George Curtis has achieved NOTHING of note over the last few years. Under his 'inspired' leadership UKIP’s Eastern Region votes are down and membership has fallen by an average of 17 a month. Several branches are on the point of folding and it is fully expected that UKIP will lose at least one MEP in June 2009.

Do you really think that such a man would suddenly generate such a massive increase in support? He never did before!

Beyond the Eastern Region this bumbling fool is almost unknown. However, I have no doubt that Farage will claim that members across the country voted for Curtis in order to explain the mysterious increase in support!

5. Uncounted NEC votes were left unattended overnight. What steps were taken to prevent tampering?

Dear members, don’t expect Farage to answer any of my questions.


Essential Elements said...

Are you saying that voters marking their votes of their choice is nothing but ambiguity of freedom?.It seems that the Julius like GLW are suffering from Psychological Problem!

Greg L-W. said...


ONE Essential Element is to make any question you ask intelligible - What IS the meaning of your Question?

As for Psychological Problems - perhaps some qualification might be wise if you choose to make a medical diagnosis.

My factual statement regarding George Curtis is clearly on record, he is a liar, he is a bully, he is a cheat and he is without integrity and shows little signs of common sense.

Perhaps it is worth reminding you that he has glibbly and provably lied about me and when challenged all but wet himself from the sound of his voice dithherring and tremulous from guilt at having lied and no doubt ashamed at having done so in so cowardly and dishonest a manner only to be found out by a friend of his being so disgusted at his behaviour that he sent me a copy of the internal memmo.

This elderly chap brings little competence and less experience to the fray and for sure very little sense as he has subsequently lied about both Robin Page and John West.

A ffolish little man, only of ANY value as a prop to the corruption, unwilling to challenge the lies of David Bannerman or McGough or the dishonesty of Andrew Smith, let alone the duplicity of Stuart Agnew.

A sad old man in his 70s desparate for recognition having it seems failed to gain that which he wanted during his lifetime that he has no dignity in his dottage.

Interestingly one of his defenders told me he was a decent chap with Naval service!!! He is NOT a decent man he is a coward and his Naval service would seem to amount to merely compulsory national service almost half a century ago!

It is little wonder that my critic is too ashamed to put his name to his underhand and thus dishonourable comments - rating himself with a toilet as an essential service no doubt!

Greg L-W.