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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP! And now Nigel Farage lies to the BBC!

It just gets worse for UKIP.

Taken from the BBC’s website:

The treasurer of the UK Independence Party has resigned following a disagreement with a colleague. Marta Andreasen, who in 2002 was sacked as European Commission chief accountant after criticising its practices, has run UKIP's finances for two years.

Ms Andreasen, who became a Euro MP this year, fell out with party chairman Paul Nuttall over an internal staffing issue, the BBC's Chris Mason said.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage announced last week that he was standing down. He said he needed to devote his time to running for the UK Parliament at the next general election, where he hopes to unseat Commons Speaker John Bercow, the MP for Buckingham.

Ms Andreasen was elected as a UKIP MEP for the South East of England in June. Her resignation will be seen as a distraction for the party as it campaigns for a "No" vote in the forthcoming referendum in Ireland on the European Union's Lisbon Treaty.

But Mr Farage told the BBC he had not expected "Marta to stay on very long as party treasurer anyway, as she is now an MEP and busting EU fraud is a full-time job".

He added: "She is on the budget control committee here in the European Parliament - and that's the last place the European institutions want her to be. That job was always going to take priority over her being treasurer. As I have learnt myself, I have found being the leader of the group in the Parliament and party leader in the UK and I have found it too much".

"Similarly Marta has a big job here and in the UK and that's really why she's gone."UKIP, which wants the UK to withdraw from the EU, came second in June's European elections, taking 13 seats.

Ms Andreasen was unavailable for comment when contacted by the BBC.

End of article. To see original: LINK

Does Farage REALLY think we are that stupid?

Marta Andreasen has already publicly stated her reasons for resigning. Perhaps someone should tell Nigel that lying to the BBC is not exactly a very wise move!

I can confirm that moral in UKIP’s leadership is now at a very low ebb. More than one UKIP MEP is extremely angry with Andreasen over The Times article and they blame Farage for letting her become an MEP candidate despite their misgivings. Nuttall’s supporters are particularly despondent following Marta’s criticism of their hero. It is even rumoured that he may now decide against running for the leadership.

Bannerman - another leadership contender - was said to be over the moon upon hearing this and now feels that the leadership is his for the taking.

What a fool Bannerman is! Doesn’t he realise that Farage is setting him up for a very big fall?

Does he really want to carry the can for all the scandals yet to break? Does the Tom Wise court case ring a bell? And what about OLAF and Elcom?

Anthony Butcher - via the British Democracy Forum - spoke for many when he said:

I did begin to wonder whether UKIP would be able to grasp the undeserved second chance it was gifted via the expenses scandal... sadly it appears not.

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