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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP! More on Paul Nuttall

It seems that I am not the only one unimpressed by the odious Paul Nuttall!

Taken from the General Election blog:

Nobody seems prepared, or maybe capable, of following UKIP fuhrer Nigel Farage. Let's face it he was no great shakes. But what about the man he pushed forward, Paul Nuttall?

Widely seen as a conman and spiv, pretty much in the mould of his master himself, Nuttall has driven away big hitters since he became chairman, most recently Marta Andreasen, alleged whistle blower now UKIP MEP who many now seem to have also lost faith in. There is a pattern isn't there?

Anyway, to see how incompetent Farage's heir apparent actually is, not to mention insincere and downright bizarre, follow the following link:

Would you buy a secondhand smarmy smile off this schmoozer? Thought not.

End of article. To view the original: LINK

And here are Dr Edmond’s views on the shaven headed one:

Paul Nuttall was talked about as the next leader of UKIP. I suggest anyone still harbouring such thoughts click on the link below to see yesterday's North West Politics Show interview with Nuttall. The interview starts 54:00 mins into the BBC clip so if you unless you want to listen to a load of TUC waffle slide the cursor along to the 54 min mark.

Nuttall, Farage's nominee as chairman, was clearly nervous, not listening to the questions and just spouting a pre-prepared line and generally giving a poor performance. The interviewer was asking about what UKIP was going to do at the General Election next year in 2010 and Nuttall spent a lot of time rabbitting on about the 2014 European Election, five years away. When she finally managed to drag Nuttall back on topic he stated that Bootle would be a UKIP target seat. The interviewer gaped at him and said but at the last general election when you stood you got 4% of the vote and Labour got 75%. She could have quoted the McEnroe comment, 'You cannot be serious'. Unfortunately Nuttall was, and looked very stupid when he then tried to go on about his good District Election result in Bootle.

The naughty BBC then showed a clip from an Andreasen interview about her resignation. She was relaxed and made her points well. She wanted a party with more mature experienced professional and business people running it. Nuttall, she said, did not think this important and wanted Youf as the Beeb call it. Andreasen then finished with a telling smirk of the cat who has got the cream.

Cut back to Nuttall whose answers re Andreasen's interview points were even worse than the non-answer to UKIP's GE ideas. He parrotted the Farage line re she would be very busy clearing up UK corruption and her resignation as UKIP Treasurer was a minor matter and they were all going to work together like happy bunnies etc, etc. Clearly baloney.

Watch it for yourself and form your own judgement. What emerges clearly is the paucity of talent at the top of UKIP and that Andreasen, and I hate to say this, is correct in her interview points. The problem is all the mature people with solid business and professional experience, doctors, barristers, bankers, accountants, businessmen with sound independent judgement have been purged from UKIP and its NEC by the Cabal. Nuttall is typical of what is left on UKIP's NEC. It is not an encouraging prospect.

End of article. To view the original: LINK

Paul Nuttall is one of the most obnoxious members of Farage’s inner clique. That he could even believe for one minute that he EVER stood a chance of becoming leader is simply amazing. He is far too tainted by EUKIP corruption to be trusted with the leadership now or in the future.

His sickening support for Farage instigated witch-hunts, attempts to give the chairman dictatorial powers and his involvement in fabricating complaints against Gregg Beaman will not be forgotten.

And why am I not surprised that Nuttall was more interested in telling the interviewer about the next Euro elections? Another term on the EU Gravy Train beckons!

Nuttall lacks all those qualities needed in a leader - honesty, integrity, intelligence and charisma. His pathetic performance on the Politics Show confirms that he has NONE of those qualities.

And to hear him parrot the Farage line was nauseating.

Nuttall is like a musical doormat which plays “See the Conquering Hero Comes” whenever Farage condescends to wipe his shoes upon him.

And for the latest on the leadership race see: LINK

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