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Thursday, 24 September 2009

UKIP's new treasurer

I am not surprised that UKIP’s new treasurer - pictured above - looks unhappy. Would you really want to be lumbered with UKIP’s finances? Or has he already noticed a few irregularities?

Mr Wadsworth is described as a chartered certified accountant working in an international tax practice.

I have a few questions for Mr Wadsworth:

Who appointed you UKIP treasurer and when?

What is your salary?

Will you get expenses?

What exactly are your professional qualifications?

At which institute are you a member?

Will you be undertaking a FULL audit of ALL UKIP’s finances - including MEPs? If you do you will find some VERY interesting payments!

I note that UKIP’s leadership are already evading these questions.

Not that I am surprised!


Greg L-W. said...


you can hardly blame the chap since let us hope he is not as discreditted as his predecessors whether the rascal Andreasen, the fool Bruce Lawson or the cheat and liar Andrew Smith who has done such damage to UKIP that he Farage and Wittacker accrued a guilty verdict which may yet cost EUkip over £1/2 Million.

Let us hope he proves more honest and less boorish than other high profile EUkip accountants like Hugh Williams, Mick McTrough, Hasslam and their ilk + every treasurer since John de Roeke.

Greg L-W.

Greg L-W. said...


in passing will this chappie be paid the same as the last Treasurer?

At least he does not have a string of court cases finding him guilty one hopes and one presumes the Faragista Fan club learned by their mistake of not acting professionally in the appointment of Andreasen.

Is this chap going to be paid more because he is British because Andreasen was only part time and lived abroad whilst Martin Hasslam seems to have done much of her work for her.

Andreasen was, as we know, paid £30,000 + £17,000 expenses.

One also has to ask at which NEC meeting was this new chap interviewed and appointed and howmany applicants were there as a result of what advertising?

This new piece of control installed by Farage makes yet more of the farce of the election for getting Farage out of the firing line, yet leaving him as leader in fact if not by name.

Greg L-W.