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Monday, 21 September 2009

UKIP: Gregg Beaman speaks out!

Readers of this blog will be aware that Gregg Beaman - pictured above - resigned from UKIP in disgust after Farage and the odious Nuttall tried to get him removed as lead UKIP MEP candidate in the North West.

It was recently brought to my attention that Farage’s sycophants are STILL trying to promote the lie that Gregg Beaman was forced to resign because he had used his position as Regional Organiser to promote himself at the expense of other candidates.

One such useful idiot - known as Skeptyk - recently posted the following on the British Democracy Forum:

As I understand it, Beaman allegedly broke the rules and resigned rather than face the consequences. So all the prattle about how he got the most votes means very little if he stood down - so as far as ELIGIBLE candidates go, Nuttall got the most votes and is now one of UKIPs MEPs.

This allegation had also been previously published by the ‘sceptical’ Mark Croucher on his Common Man blog. This blog was written by Croucher and a certain Ms A. Fuller. Farage gave it his personal seal of approval. See: Link

Here is Mr Beaman’s response to their lies.

Interestingly Nuttall's 'complaint' was withdrawn, by Nuttall, before I resigned. He was advised by Piers Merchant that it would be thrown out as 'frivolous', so there was actually no case to answer.

The letter referred to by Nuttall was merely an invitation sent to members by me, late spring early summer, inviting them to a series of county-wide meetings to hear Phil Griffiths, NW Chairman, explain the new regional structure. Interestingly it was Griffiths who urged me to stay on but resign from UKIP if elected to sit as an independent MEP. Griffiths was also standing for the North West list but no 'complaint' was made against him, the subject of the letter.

From despising him to the point of even refusing to accept a drink from Nuttall in August 2008, Griffiths was proposed for the NEC by him earlier this year. But that's life, or so it seems life in UKIP is. The new regional structure, one representative per county, had only been put in place so that Farage could rid himself of a couple of 'troublesome' regional committee members in other regions. It destroyed a solid democratic structure that we in the North West had been building since 2004.

Anybody looking at your blog can see why I got out. Anybody reading it should be aware that I, after almost 10 years in UKIP, have seen nothing untrue in anything you have written.

Please feel free to use this comment as you see fit.

Best wishes and keep up the good work.


So there you have it.

Mr Beaman resigned from UKIP because he was no longer prepared to be associated with Nuttall, Farage or their corrupt associates. See: Link & LINK

More from Mr Beaman:

Of course, there are always those who prefer their own convenient version of a story to the reality. Quite simply, I had enough.

It seems there are those in UKIP who think I should have just carried on for the cash, or at least wonder how I could walk away from all that cash, and if you are one of those then you'll never understand, or accept, why I did leave.

Instead of listening to rumour I can be contacted via:

Mr Beaman puts his principles before personal gain. This is an example that sadly many UKIP MEPs and their associates fail to follow.

I would like to thank Mr Beaman for contacting me about his resignation and for allowing me to publish his response.

I wish him the very best of luck and hope that he finds a position in politics worthy of his undoubted talents.

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