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Thursday, 17 September 2009

UKIP: Mark Croucher is exposed on the British Democracy Forum

Mark Croucher - failed publican and serial idiot - has been suffering recently.

He has been banned from the British Democracy Forum for crass stupidity.

He lost his legal action against the BNP. This concerned his attempt to abuse the legal system by claiming thousands of pounds in copyright fees after the BNP used one of his awful Farage photos on their website.

He also tried to seize a BNP vehicle - the Truth Truck - which is used in BNP election campaigns.

Rather stupidly he had previously boasted on the BDF that he intended to give a large amount of his expected win to the far-left, extremist and pro-EU Searchlight magazine.

Sadly for Croucher the Judge ruled in the BNP’s favour. He also criticised Croucher for bringing the case to court and ordered him to pay costs of £1000.

Croucher also made himself extremely foolish by claiming on the BDF that Piers Merchant was Junius. When he failed to provide evidence to substantiate his story he changed his tune and accused Mr Merchant of being the main source for this blog. Again, he failed to provide plausible evidence to support his lies. See: LINK

Mr Merchant is terminally ill with cancer. Croucher knew this but was still happy to publicly attack him. What a despicable man!

Readers of this blog will be aware that I - and GLW - confirmed that Croucher was the brains - and I use that word VERY loosely - behind the ‘Common Man' blog.

His blog specialised in attacking opponents of Farage by claiming that they were working for the BNP. Those accused of being BNP members or supporters included: David Abbott, John West, Martin Haslam, Eric Edmond and Greg Lance-Watkins.

It also posted lies about John West’s legal action against UKIP and even went as far to attribute comments to a judge that was not even there on the day of the hearing. So much for Croucher's sources! See: LINK

It has now been confirmed by Anthony Butcher - owner of the British Democracy Forum - that Croucher is the Common Man.

"Just to clarify, the Common Man is Mark Croucher”

Mr Butcher is an expert in IT. No doubt he was able to trace Croucher’s identity through his ISP.

So Croucher has now been exposed for all to see - a sordid liar, a Farage sycophant and a fool.

But we already knew that, didn’t we?

For more on this idiot see: LINK & LINK

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