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Sunday, 13 September 2009

UKIP: Why Douglas Denny is now UKIP's greatest living idiot

I would like to nominate Douglas Denny - pictured above - as UKIP's greatest living idiot.

Bob Feal-Martinez was the previous holder of this coveted title. His resignation from UKIP now leaves the post open.

Mr Denny deserves the title for his extreme stupidity, sycophancy, colluding in EUKIP corruption, his insistence on posting drivel on the British Democracy Forum - he was recently banned from the BDF for insulting Dr Eric Edmond - and for his paranoia.

Denny sadly believes that MI5 are watching his every move, monitoring his phone and opening his emails.

He has yet to explain why MI5 would even take the slightest interest in one of Britain’s most insignificant and foolish UKIPPERS.

Here are Dr Edmond's views on Denny:

Denny has been banned from Democracy Forum for posting 'unwarranted insults' about me. Croucher had previously been banned for posting allegations about me that he had no evidence to back. Croucher has insufficient assets to be worth suing and is reported as recently losing a court case to the BNP with costs awarded against him so what is the point. Denny is similarly a person who is not worth pursuing legally although I believe David Abbott did with some success.

People like Denny & Croucher are very useful tools for the ruling UKIP Cabal. They have insufficient funds to be worth mounting a legal action against them for their allegations. The Cabal can thus hide behind them and safeguard their assets at the same time as having their views promulagated by Denny and Croucher damaging the reputation of those who oppose the Cabal.

UKIP footsoldiers who have not had to deal with the Cabal have no conception of how different these people are from the ordinary decent UKIP members. Denny's posts give some idea of what David Abbott, Del Young and I had to put up with on the NEC.

Here are a couple of quotes from Denny about me that gives the flavour of the rancid bile he threw at us.

"Ok you piece of sheiss. you have goaded me into a response - happy now?

I knew you were a nasty piece of work from the very moment you came into the NEC for the first time and opened your nasty mouth. It was one of the better decisions made in all my experience for the NEC to throw you out on your ear. You were totally disruptive to the point of anarchy. The most unpleasant person I have met in politics without a doubt. Have you practiced for years? or are you just naturally like that?

You are also full of lies and invective."

"I will not be accused, however, by that lump of excrement of giving misleading information"

After that last comment he was banned for one week. Unfortunately on the UKIP NEC the Cabal regard their tools using that sort of language to attack their critics as acceptable. David Abbott, Del Young and I never descended to their level. We kept on asking questions and were all kicked off the NEC or thrown out of UKIP.

The whole thread gives a window into how UKIP operates at the highest level. Click on link below to see the full thread:

Is a good read and I recommend reading the whole 9 pages or so. I use the nom de plume SomersetYokel on the forum. Mathematicians are fond of doing this. Charles Dodgson was probably the best known but only by his nom de plume Lewis Carrol!

To view the original see: LINK

And also see: LINK

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


welcome to the pro UKIP supporters club - for several years the anti UKIP self seekers and parasites of the EUkip claque, for accuracy consult both a dictionary and wiki - was Madame de Fage an ancestor of Farage - probably not but EUkip has degenerated under his incompetent leadership such that there isn't a single solitary member of probity, integrity, competence or gravitas so much as on the horizon in EUkip and the anti UKIP claque.

It does look very much after the catastrophy of the last 5 years EUkip has no viable future even in their own interests let alone as EUroSceptics - they have clearly not got a single solitary honest decent MEP as NOT ONE has spoken out against the anti UKIP behaviour of the leadership claque.

After 70 man years of EUkip MEPs ducking and diving OLAF and the law - NOT ONE MEP from UKIP was elected on merit in 2009.

Each and every MEP fielded failed to turn the tide of being elected as a protest against Westminster - hardly surprising just consider this anti UKIP claque.

Unfortunately even Del could achieve nothing as he lacked the basics of leadership skill and the fundamental fact that no thinking individual would vote for 'a pig in a poke' and not ureasonably Del seemed to have something to hide and refused to provide a CV.

Is Del a time served killer? Did he run a drug protection racket? Has he an unacceptable record or has he never had a proper job - you are right we do not know.

It is just as unfair that unless Nikki answers certain basic problems and learns to control her anger, her voice and her presentation she too will not become leader.

It may not be fair but IT IS!!

& Farage has removed every single competent potential leader - he has completely hollowed out the party filling it with nebishes, puppets, boot likers and little people who would not challenge him and were for sale and or owned.

There has been no gutter too vile for the likes of Bob Feel Martinis, Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Bannerman, McGough, Smith, Clarke, Curtis, Fuller and their ilk would not bathe in for gain!

Good luck UKIP but I fear it will take a miracle to remove the anti UKIP claque who have seized the leadership as EUkip.

I am happy to debate these facts on any fair & balanced platform that I can attend.

Sadly UKIP needs a miracle and the last miracle worker was about 2000 years ago I am told!

Greg L-W.