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Thursday, 3 September 2009

UKIP: Nigel Farage to stand against John Bercow

It has been announced that Nigel Farage is to stand against John Bercow, the House of Commons Speaker, at the General Election.

Farage is quoted as saying that Bercow “represents all that is wrong with British politics today. He was embroiled in the expenses saga and he presides over a Parliament that virtually does nothing”.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Nigel, your hypocrisy is absolutely amazing!

So what about the £2 million expenses you claimed as an MEP? And what about your refusal to say where it went?

And what about the money raised by the Ashford Call Centre? Where did that go?

And why did UKIP continue to accept donations from Alan Bown? Despite being made aware that he was not on the electoral roll UKIP continued to take his money. Why?

So don’t you regard your criticism of Bercow as slightly hypocritical? You are literally the last person who should be claiming the moral high ground!

You also ‘lead’ a party that has had MEPs for over 10 years. And yet we are still no closer to seeing Britain free herself from the EU.

Your presence in Brussels has achieved absolutely nothing and yet you presume to condemn Westminster politicians for the same inaction?

And I wonder how Dave Fowler feels about your decision? He had already been selected by his branch to fight the seat on behalf of UKIP.

But since when did the wishes of the membership ever concern you or the cabal?

Dr Edmond - a former UKIP NEC member - spoke for many when he said:

It smacks of Farage's announcement at the last conference that Nuttall was to be the new chairman. Was that run past the NEC beforehand? No it was not!

Farage has no respect for ordinary members, the NEC or other MEPs and it will be his eventual downfall.

Nuff said!


Election Blog said...

He's standing down then. Interesting.

Junius said...

VERY interesting!

Greg L-W. said...


I would contend he is NOT standing down he is merely removing himself from the firing line to lead from the shadows as he has done for some 15 years save since he accidentally won based on the lies, corruption and dishonesty of the so called leadership election to prevent Holdsworth introducing, probity, transparency and authority for the elected NEC.

Expect an attempt at a coronation of Farage's chosen puppet!

No one is likely to make much fuss as he has systematically removed anyone with integrity and intelligence who might have challenged him and by controlling the purse strings he controls the party!

The divorce, long predicted, with the discreditted Andreasen became one giant step closer aftyer her hissy fit (probably deliberately manufactured) on Thursday evening with the NEC.

Next we can expect a cover-up of her refusal to do the book keeping.

When we all knew she had ducked out of EUkip's lack luste little conference by Friday morning and the 'e'Mails shortly after it was really too predictable to have the liar Deny running around as the poodle trying to spin for all he was worth (not much!)

He claimed she was at Conference on the first day - thereby showing how little he knew or how dishonest he is.

Trying to pretend an NEC was the first day of conference is just silly - next he will claim the conference was 5 days long as it included the cleaners before and after!

Greg L-W.