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Thursday, 17 September 2009

UKIP leadership election: Is Lord Pearson UKIP's last chance?

Petrina Holdsworth - former UKIP national chairman - has posted an interesting article on the British Democracy Forum. It concerns Lord Pearson and his bid for the leadership.

Her views are well worth considering:

In terms of a leader ;

1 Preferably a leader who is not a serving MEP , one who is not at the beck and call of the UKIP MEPs (who are simply over there to make as much nuisance as possible and bring back useful info not to be the management of the party) and one who makes his decisions based solely on the urgent need for the party to grow and to fulfill its declared aim of ridding us of the EU.

2. A leader who is capable of surrounding himself with people of high calibre and intelligence because he firmly believes that such people are necessary to the proper running of the party.

3. A leader who is prepared to overlook personal differences and bring in as many eurosceptics from all parties together to fight for the cause.

4. A leader who has the humility and foresight to look ahead to when he is gone and allow a number of possible contenders to the leadership to grow their skills in readiness for when their own time comes.

5. A leader who has sufficient leadership skills to awaken the general public to the true facts of our impending serfdom and the ability to engender in them the overwhelming desire to do something about it-and then importantly to have a plan to use that support to do just that.

"He" of course includes "she" in this context.

Has Pearson got those qualities ? Well from what I’ve seen of the man he just may have.

If he can bring back people like Congdon, extend the hand of friendship to eurosceptics everywhere in this country ( but not people like the Italians that UKIP has got itself enmeshed with in the EU ) then he may get there.

He has run a successful large business, therefore he should be well versed in getting the best out of people and have a good grasp on how organisations run.

If he gets the job we will have to see whether he is puppet or king, whether this is just a "fill -in job" or one to which he can give adequate time and effort in order to shift the political spectrum sufficiently to make a real difference to the cause.

End of article.

So will Lord Pearson stand up to Farage? Will he have the courage to reform UKIP and weed out ALL the corrupt elements? Will he sack the NEC and call new elections? Will he launch an investigation into UKIP’s corrupt MEP selection process, Ashford, the You Tube incident and the UKIP lottery? Will he sack Nuttall as chairman? Will he extend the hand of friendship to ex-UKIPPERS? Will he force ALL UKIP MEPs to publish a full list of their expenses? Will he sever ALL links with the Lega Nord?

Any failure to do so and UKIP is certainly doomed.

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Greg L-W. said...


the only worrying aspects about Malcolm Pearson is he has a complete blind spot for Farage's dishonesty, corruption and complete lack of OQ. He is however very patronising towards him rather as a Wooden Top Col. treats some Corps. Subaltern!

Pearson has been very persistent with BBC bias but with very little competence out of his platform of The HofL hr has failed to get a campaign under way and has not pointed out the risks for individuals witholding their license tax - this NOT a BBC Fee but a tax set by HMG and the debt is sold to aprivate QUANGO for collection.

Witholding the tax has absolutely no effect on the BBC which itself is little more than a Government controlled propaganda QUANGO.

Also do bear in mind that LP was the 'wheel' behind Global Britain and that seems to have got a puncture pretty early on and is still stuck in a ditch with its motor on tick over achieving what precisely?

Though LP is EUkip's only hope it is far from a sound hope.

Greg L-W.