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Thursday, 3 September 2009

UKIP Conference 2009

It’s THAT time of year again.

UKIPPERS from all over the country will be travelling to Southport in order to pay homage at the feet of our beloved and incorruptible leader.

Let's hope that this year they manage to beat Miss Fuller who is usually the first in line when it comes to abasing herself before Nigel!

Speeches will be made, ovations given, half baked policies unveiled, vast amounts of alcohol consumed and very cheap medals presented to the good and not so good.

I particularly look forward to hearing how Nuttall falsified complaints against Gregg Beaman, why David Bannerman likes hanging around seedy clubs at three in the morning, why Farage is happy to have a foreign EU reformist as a British MEP, what it's like sitting with Lega Nord fascists and how the OLAF investigations against Clark, Nattrass, Farage, Titford and Booth are coming along?

And let's hope that Farage and the other MEPs remember to thank the members for helping them become EU millionaire's at the taxpayers expense!

Greg Lance-Watkins has suggested that medals be given to all those MPs who were responsible for UKIP’s election success in June. What a good idea!

The Most Expensive MPs 2007/8

Total Expenses Claimed

Eric Joyce £187,3342

Michael Connarty £183,4663

Alistair Carmichael £176,1904

Ben Wallace £175,5235

Mohammad Sarwar £174,8826

Charles Kennedy £174,2327

Janet Anderson £173,5568

David S Borrow £172,7069

Jim McGovern £171,98910

Fabian Hamilton £171,824

But for them UKIP was heading for electoral disaster. Even Farage has admitted to his sycophants that UKIP would have been lucky to get even a couple of MEPs elected if the expenses scandal had not broke.

But sadly the British public in their ignorance voted UKIP in the misguided belief that the party was different.

That UKIP is just as corrupt as the so-called mainstream parties is obvious.

The MEP selection process was rigged, Farage claimed millions in expenses and yet refused to say where the money went, money raised by the Ashford call centre vanished, democratically elected NEC members were removed from that body after challenging Farage about corruption, free speech is suppressed and members are subjected to witch-hunts, smeared and finally thrown out by kangaroo courts.

Sadly the list is endless.

But at long last the storm clouds are finally gathering over Farage and his supporters.

As I have said before, OLAF officials are investigating several UKIP MEPs for allegedly misusing their EU allowances. The Alan Bown/Elcom case could cost UKIP millions and the Police are investigating several complaints made by former UKIPPERS. These complaints include allegations of forging a signature to obtain money, computer spamming and making a false declaration on an election address.

It's about time Farage took a big fall. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later!

For more on UKIP's conference see GLW : LINK

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