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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP! More dire election results

Leicester C.C (Castle Ward) - 10th Sept

Labour 611
Green 519
Conservative 435
Lib Dems 292
Liberal 31

Stockport B.C (Cheadle Ward) - 10th Sept

Lib Dems 2,625
Conservative 2,005
Labour 143
Green 91

UKIP’s vote has collapsed and returned to pre-Euro election levels. A vote for UKIP is still considered by the electorate as a protest vote. They are STILL not regarded as a serious alternative to the old party system because UKIP's leaders are only interested in the EU Gravy Train and the perks that go with it.

And yet the odious Paul Nuttall still claims that UKIP is set to win seats in the General Election!

But should we be so surprised at his stupidity and ignorance? His recent appearance on The Politics Show was laughable. To say he was out of his depth would be an understatement!


Election Blog said...

It was probably the most inept performance I have ever seen on that show.

He appears to have said that his absolute priority was winning parliamentay seats. He later said his absolute priority was winning a second seat in the north west in 2014 to the EU Gravy Train. Forgive me but one or the other surely as an 'absolute priority'?

Marta Andreasen cited him, in the interview shown during the Nuttall interview, as her reason for resigning but immediately Nuttall claimed that he and her had a wonderful working relationship. He sounded like the old 'Comical Ali' on that one.

The man came over as an untrustworthy incompetent who is in a position way beyond his ability.

Junius said...

I agree.

His ‘performance’ was a joke.

Perhaps that’s why Farage wanted him to stand for the leadership.

Farage could then have said:

"You thought I was bad but just take a look at my successor!"

Election Blog said...

The funniest part was when she asked him why he thought he could win in Bootle. He looked at her with a smirk, as if she was a cretin, and responded: "Because everybody knows me in Bootle".

Hilarious. But I couldn't help thinking the more people who know him the fewer will vote for him.

Junius said...


The more people that find out about Nuttall the better!