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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP: Nigel Farage lies to the BBC .... again!

I love this one!

Taken from the BBC News website:

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) can not afford a bitter leadership contest, a senior party member has warned.

South East England MEP Marta Andreasen resigned as the Eurosceptic party's treasurer after a disagreement with party chairman Paul Nuttall.

But she has said she remains loyal to the party, and has called for unity during the leadership contest to replace fellow MEP Nigel Farage.

She told BBC News: "I have a commitment to the people who voted me in." Mrs Andreasen was fired as Chief Accountant of the EU after blowing the whistle on what she claims was corruption and fraud.

She was elected an MEP in June for UKIP, with a record share of the vote in the South East of England.

But she announced her resignation as party treasurer saying the the party was wasting money and needed "people who are more mature and professional, both in an organisational and political way".

A major party donor, spread betting millionaire Stuart Wheeler has now backed her comments.

He told The Politics Show: "She's a strong minded lady, and she has very strict standards which is a good thing. If she's found deficiencies I'm sure that notice will be taken."

Mr Wheeler said he had assurances from former leader Nigel Farage that his resignation was not connected to the disagreement.

And Mr Farage has also assured members that Andreasen's resignation was only "an internal tiff".

"I wouldn't have handed over the leadership now if I thought we had a party that was split, if I thought we had a party that had problems.

"She's made an immeasurable improvement to the party - but her parting shot is that there's still a long way to go - I don't disagree with that."

To view the original: LINK

Part of this article was posted on the British Democracy Forum by UKIPSW. It was interesting to note that the poster left out Farage’s comments. I think I can guess why!

So Nigel is SO out of touch with the membership that he didn’t even notice that UKIP was falling apart under his leadership?

So where has he been for the last few years? Did he suddenly go deaf during all those stormy NEC meetings? Did he ever read Piers Merchant’s report on the MEP selection process? Did he ever read Lynnda Robson’s complaint to the court? And what about Tom Wise's court case, Roger Knapman's criticism of his leadership, Elcom, the £2 million expenses scandal, the OLAF and police investigations, the numerous resignations, kangaroo courts and the Newmarket and Ugley meetings?

Shall I go on? So he was oblivious to all that?

Does Farage really think we are that stupid.

When will Nigel ever learn? Lying to the BBC is STILL not a very good idea!

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