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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

UKIP leadership election: Daniel Baldwin's election statement

Daniel Baldwin’s election statement. The spelling and punctuation are as Daniel published it.

my name is daniel baldwin
I am 30years old
I suffer from cerebral palsy
But I don't let that stand in my way
I joined last year because the labour goverment dissapointed people by not trusting uk people or electorate on the lisbon treaty and one thing i would do if i became leader, i would want to listen to peoples opinions and members of ukip and work with nigel farage and members of the nec
On a United front to keep ukip united for the general election
From daniel baldwin

End of statement

He is also looking for supporters:

hi all I am looking for a proposers and a secoonders and 50asccentors
Would anyone support me please
Thanks daniel baldwin

Taken from the UKIP members forum. Spelling and spacing as the original.

His web page can be found at: LINK

I applaud his courage.

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