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Friday, 25 September 2009

Godfrey Bloom: UKIP's resident idiot MEP

I see that Godfrey Bloom is still committed to bringing UKIP into disrepute.

At Tuesday's Mansion House dinner Bloom rather overdid the booze - as usual - and started heckling Lord Turner over Financial Services Authority bonuses.

Lord Turner is quoted as saying:

"I don't know who this chap is, but could you go back and start handing out your pamphlets outside this room and stop interrupting."

And UKIP’s leadership still wonder why they are not taken seriously by the electorate or the media?

Getting drunk and heckling a speaker is not clever. It simply illustrates the heckler’s stupidity and boorishness - all classic Bloom traits.

And I would suggest that Bloom is the last person to take the moral high ground when it comes to finances.

I would be far more impressed with Bloom if he had the courage to heckle Farage over the £2 million expenses he claimed as an MEP.

Will Bloom do the decent thing and demand to know where the money went?

And how about heckling your other UKIP colleagues over their expenses?

Or even heckling yourself over employing a relative? Something you said you didn’t do!

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1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


praise where it is due - it is pretty rare to find a EUkip MEP doing anything of note that could be construed as likely to get Britain out of the EU.

Other than to make efforts to get themselves re-elected.

That this particular MEP was not enacting the behaviour of Grubb Street's former name is unusual as I know of no street nor lane in London called Bonnet Polisher's Lane.

There are few bankers with morals above those found in the aptly named lane where Grubb Street stood - called Milton Street since 1830.

Perhaps if he is in Dublin before the Irish Referendum in 6 days time he might have 'felt' at home in Dublin's Grope**** Lane which was located near where the Savoy Cinema is now.

Surely no one can be surprised that EUkip's name is debased in the light of the calibre of their leadership.

The fact that members of the public were happy to caste their vote in the political dustbin rather than support those who had let them down at Westminster where, misguidedly, they have higher hopes than in the clearly corrupt EU.

EUkip misdemeanours of this ilk are virtually unreportable - gone are the days when people had serious expectations of EUkip.

We note their leader is handing on the bits of the job which may put him in the firing line for his past lies and corruptions and one can only admire the low cunning of seeking out a hapless cripple behind whom to shelter!

The alternative being the distraction tactic of a lad still completing his education or a 6 foot 7" homosexual woman!

To hide behind a peer with little grass roots knowledge of the party and its corruption is no less self serving!

Greg L-W.