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Monday, 7 September 2009

UKIP: Marta Andreasen - the start of the divorce?

Many UKIPPERS are starting to ask why Marta Andreasen failed to put in an appearance at the conference? I, myself, did not see her on either the Friday or the Saturday. And nor did any of my colleagues.

It should be remembered that Andreasen had been campaigning in Ireland against the Lisbon Treaty. Many were therefore expecting her to tell the conference about her involvement in this crucial campaign. Her failure to do so was noted and commented on by several members.

But clearly she is above such things now that she has her snout firmly back in the EU trough.

Or did her non-appearance have something to do with Thursday’s NEC meeting?

My sources inform me that all was not sweetness and light. It appears that during the meeting Marta had a hissy fit and has now made it known that she cannot work with certain people in UKIP’s hierarchy.

She has, however, agreed to sort out the accounts to the end of the election returns. But after that ……

Oh dear!

So is this the beginning of the end for Marta? Will she seek pastures new? It appears so.

It should be remembered that Andreasen - prior to the Euro elections - told a British MEP that her relationship with Farage was ‘difficult’ and that her views on reforming the EU had not changed since joining UKIP.

She also said that if she is lucky enough to be elected in June she intended to leave UKIP at the earliest available opportunity. See LINK

It now appears that she is going to keep her promise and seek a divorce.

It may also interest you to know that Douglas Denny - via the British Democracy Forum - has confirmed that Andreasen was not at the conference on either the Friday or the Saturday:

“She was there on the first day”.

The first day being the Thursday - the day of the NEC meeting.

I must admit that I also failed to see Denny at the conference, but then again Denny has always been pretty insignificant. Perhaps he left the conference to buy himself another pair of high heeled boots or even some Himmler style glasses to go with that leather coat of his.

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